How to Recruit All Characters in The DioField Chronicle

There are several characters in The DioField Chronicle that you can recruit into the Blue Foxes Mercenary Group to aide you in battle. There is strength in numbers and a little variety never hurts. Some characters are easily missable so you’ll need this guide to show you how to recruit every character for your mercenary group in The DioField Chronicle.

Here are all the ways you can unlock each characters in The DioField Chronicle.

How to Unlock All Characters in The DioField Chronicle?

All Starting Characters in The DioField Chronicle

  • Andrias Rhondarson: Unlocked from the beginning. (Soldier)
  • Fredret Lester: Unlocked from the beginning. (Cavalier)
  • Izelair Wigan: Unlocked from the beginning. (Soldier)

Chapter 1 Recruitable Characters

  • Iscarion Colchester: Complete End of the Bandit Menace. (Sharpshooter)
  • Waltaquin Redditch: Complete Redditch Estate Recon. (Magicker)

Chapter 2 Recruitable Characters

  • Rickenback Madea: Complete Harbinger of Discord. (Sharpshooter)
  • Shivat Malzin: End of the Aardwolves. (Magicker)
  • Donovar Sullion: A Shield for the People. (Soldier)

Chapter 3 Recruitable Characters

  • Estalt Yewfare: Escort the Priests. (Magicker)
  • Castevere Bunnow: Defend Duke Hende. (Cavalier)
  • Umarida Bareas: The Blue Foxes Laugh. (Sharpshooter)

Chapter 4 Recruitable Characters

  • Tremina Umbert: Quell the Riots Again. (Sharpshooter)
  • Catherine: Rescuing Catherine (Soldier)
  • Zoruaq Wigan: A Warrior Gets His Wings (Cavalier)

Chapter 6 Recruitable Characters

  • Hezeliah Shaytham: An Army Approaches (Magicker)
  • Chappleman: Give to Those Who Reach Out (Cavalier)

Although most characters can be recruited through main story missions, some characters in The DioField Chronicle are missable. They require that you partake in side missions if you want to recruit everyone.

The optional recruitable characters are really just Donovar, Chappleman, and Zoruaq which you can recruit in different chapters. Recruiting all three will get you the Bolstered Force Silver trophy. That being said, you do not need to recruit them to complete the game.

Characters in The DioField Chronicle

That’s how you recruit all characters in The DioField Chronicle. We hope you found this guide to be informative. We have more on The DioField Chronicle to check out.

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