Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Earn Star Coins Faster

Earning Star Coins for Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide is here

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Earn Star Coins Faster

Purchasing items in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a must-need requirement in order to build one’s fantasy village. To purchase certain items, players will need the Star Coins, an in-game currency that you’ll collect from random activities and quests. To earn more Star Coins faster, we of Sirus Gaming, have created a guide to farm them.

How to Farm Star Coins Faster in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Usually, in Dreamlight Valley, players can earn coins by removing various Night Thorns that will naturally reappear over time throughout the valley. By clearing them, you earn lots of coins but there is a much faster way to earn them which is through two methods.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Earn Star Coins Faster

The 1st method is Mining Gemstones. Throughout the map, there are tons of mineral deposits that can be dug out using the Royal Shovel or the Royal Pickaxe. Gather the gemstones and players can sell them for at least 600-star coins or more. Another way to mine them is assigning of your Disney characters to mine them and depending on which character and what area they will mine, the number of gemstones gathered will be limitless.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Guide: How to Earn Star Coins Faster

The 2nd method for earning star coins is through Catching and Selling Fish. After obtaining the Royal Fishing Rod from Goofy, players can head towards areas where they can fish such as ponds, rivers, and more. Players can fish them and sell them for up to 800 Star Coins. Like in Mining Gemstones, players can assign characters to fish and not only catch them but also increase their Friendship level in the process.

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