Disney Dreamlight Valley – The Dream Castle Story Quest Guide

How to unlock the Dream Castle and gain access to realms in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Dream Castle story quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the early quests that unlock the Dream Castle. In the castle, there are doors that let you travel to other realms and unlock new characters that can join you in the village.

This guide will walk you through the entire The Dream Castle story quest so you can start inviting new characters to your village and discover exciting new realms.

The Dream Castle Walkthrough

The Dream Castle story quest is immediately unlocked after Merlin talks to you about the Royal Tools and the need to find them. Merlin then goes to the entrance of the Dream Castle that’s blocked by huge Night Thorns, and your magic isn’t strong enough to bring them down.

You will need to gather 2,000 Dreamlights, the game’s in-game currency exclusively used to unlock new areas and realms, to remove the wall of Night Thorns covering the castle’s entrance. Additionally, you will need to complete 3 Dreamlight Duties as part of the story quest’s requirements to finish it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Dream Castle Story Quest Guide: Dreamlight Duties

It’s very important that you do The Royal Tools story quest first as specific tasks for the Dreamlight Duties will ask you to do will require the use of the Royal Tools: the Royal Pickaxe, the Watering Can, the Shovel, and the Fishing Rod.

After completing three (3) Dreamlight Duties and accumulating 2,000 Dreamlights, speak to Merlin near the well in the Plaza. Follow him back to the Dream Castle’s entrance and interact with the Night Thorns. It will ask you to spend the 2,000 Dreamlights to remove them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - The Dream Castle Story Quest Guide: Realms Choices

When you enter the Dream Castle, Merlin will tell you that you have some extra Dreamlights left to open a realm. You’ll be given three options:

  • A desolate planet with a shy robot. (WALL-E)
  • A restaurant with a great little chef. (Ratatouille)
  • The ocean with a demigod. (Moana)

The Dream Castle story quest finishes after you choose the first realm you wish to unlock. If you’ve already finished Scrooge McDuck’s quests (Making Cents of Things and Scrooge McDuck’s Grand Re-opening) and Goofy’s quest (Fishing Expedition) before The Dream Castle quest, this will prompt a cutscene that reveals you have unlocked the game’s expansion, A Rift In Time, letting you travel to the Eternity Isle (provided if you already bought the expansion).