Do You Need PS Plus to Play Warzone?

PS5 and PS4 owners usually need PS Plus to access multiplayer features on their consoles for most games, but do you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to play Call of Duty Warzone?

Do You Need PS Plus to Play Warzone

Players are wondering if in Warzone PS Plus is required to access its multiplayer features. As you know most PlayStation games require subscription to PlayStation Plus to access multiplayer privileges, but free-to-play games are usually the exception. Which leads to the question…

Do You Need PlayStation Plus to play Warzone?

No, you do not need PS Plus to play Call of Duty Warzone. Like most free-to-play multiplayer games on the PlayStation Store, PlayStation Plus isn’t necessary to access Warzone’s multiplayer features. You can completely enjoy Call of Duty Warzone without having to pay for any subscription.

There is an advantage to being subscribed to PS Plus as Activision regularly rewards PlayStation Plus subscribers with free goodies each month. Despite the Microsoft buyout of Activision, the latter still has a partnership with Sony. So what do Warzone PS Plus owners get? Activision is giving away free skins every month to anyone who is currently subscribed to PlayStation Plus. Many Legendary operator skins have been given away ever since Warzone’s release.

You can check out the PS Plus exclusive items to see what Warzone is offering at this time. It frequently changes every month or so, so you might want to keep checking it out should you ever consider subscribing to PS Plus. Your PS Plus subscription is never wasted even when playing free-to-play games like Call of Duty Warzone as it can be a great way to get some cosmetics from the game.

Do You Need to Own Call of Duty Modern Warfare to Play Warzone?

No, you don’t need to own a copy of Modern Warfare to play Warzone. Warzone is completely free-to-play and can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Warzone is a separate experience from Call of Duty Modern Warfare however the content between the two games can carry over from one to another.

There are advantages to owning a copy of Modern Warfare if you’re playing Warzone. While you do need PS Plus to access the multiplayer features of Modern Warfare, your equipment unlocks earned from that game can carry over to Warzone. You can customize your weapon drop-ins so you can call for an airdrop of your preferred weapon giving you an advantage over everyone else in the game.

Owning Modern Warfare will also allow you to unlock several operators. Coalition’s D-Day, for example, can be unlocked by finishing Modern Warfare’s Hunting Party campaign mission at any difficulty. You won’t be able to unlock certain operators otherwise.

While you don’t need PS Plus or Modern Warfare, you won’t be able to unlock several operators or their skins without them. You don’t need these operator skins to play as they don’t really give you any advantage. If you really want to earn new skins in the Warzone, you can always opt to buy the game’s Battle Pass. You’ll have to level it up to get cosmetic rewards but you can always check the contents to see if it’s worth purchasing.

We hope we answered your question about needing PS Plus to play Warzone as well as any other questions you might have. You might be interested in other Warzone content we have. If you really liked this article, please consider checking them out. We could help you earn new cosmetics and configure your weapon loadouts in Warzone.

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