Does Exoprimal Have Crossplay & Cross Progression?

Thinking of playing with friends on other platforms? Find out whether Exoprimal supports Crossplay and Cross Progression using this guide.

It’s 2023, we expect that Exoprimal to have crossplay and cross progression capabilities. Even though cross-platform play has become the norm, Capcom hasn’t quite caught up with modern multiplayer conveniences. Just look at Monster Hunter Rise, in which crossplay is nonexistent even between Steam and PC Game Pass. Let’s hope that Exoprimal has crossplay and cross-progression.

Does Exoprimal Have Crossplay?

While Exoprimal does have crossplay, it is limited to select platforms. PlayStation 5 players can only play with PS4 players. Players on Xbox Series X|S can crossplay with Xbox One and PC players playing Exoprimal on the Xbox app.

For those who purchased Exoprimal on Steam, crossplay is not possible at all. Players on Valve’s platform can only play with others on Steam. Those who are playing Exoprimal on PC Game Pass have a bit more options and can crossplay with those on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. In fact, crossplay is automatically turned on.

Exoprimal developers have gone out to state that they are still looking for ways to completely implement crossplay support for all platforms. This may be due to Capcom’s inexperience with cross-platform multiplayer content. We don’t have an exact date for when unrestricted crossplay will be available.

This team-based online multiplayer shooter is going to be in dire need of full crossplay support in the future. You need 5 players to start matchmaking in Dino Survival, which pits you against another group of 5 players. Having cross-platform play will significantly increase the draw pool and make matchmaking faster.

Does Exoprimal Have Cross-Progression?

Exoprimal does not feature cross-progression yet. Though this may change soon as your account is tied to the newly implemented Capcom ID required to login to the game no matter what platform you’re playing on.

The lack of cross-progression may be due to the limited cross-platform play features at the time of this writing. Capcom could really benefit from Exoprimal’s cross-progression, as many players are trying out the game using Game Pass and may seek to transfer their progress after buying a copy.