Exoprimal Squad Size: How Many Players in One Team?

You may be asking just how big the squad is in Exoprimal when you play this team-based action game. You’ll have to cooperate with other players, and strategy can change depending on how many players are allowed to be on one team. Read on as we show you how big your squad is in Exoprimal.

How Big is the Squad in Exoprimal?

A single squad consists of 5 players in Exoprimal. In Dino Survival, which is the game’s main mode, your squad is matched up against another squad of 5 players, making it a total of 10 players per session.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll encounter the other team you’re competing against. If you pick to matchmake in PvE mode, you simply have to compete for the fastest completion of objectives in order to win against the other team. In contrast, PvP matchmaking will put you directly against each other’s path.

It should be noted that Exoprimal is always online, so you need a stable internet connection to play the game before you can play with your squad. Once you’re connected, you can play Dino Survival with a squad of 5 players. This is also how you get to the game’s Story Mode. You’ll have to pick your class and the Exosuit within that class that best complements your team composition.

Even in PvE mode, it’ll be a race against the other 5 players you’re competing against. So you’ll need to be fast; thankfully, you can change Exosuits in the middle of the game in case team composition isn’t working out.