How to Get Refined Metal in Dredge

Where to find Refined Metal in Dredge

Dredge Refined Metal cover

Refined metal is one of the construction materials used in Dredge. This counts as one of the most valuable crafting materials in the game since it is rare to find one out in the sea. Plus, it is required for a couple of advanced upgrades for the boat.

In this guide, we will talk about where to get Refined Metal and what they are used for in Dredge.

Dredge Refined Metal Locations

There are certain spots around the map where Refined Metal can be dredged from. Most of these locations are blocked off by debris, so consider getting explosives first to clear the path to them. These spots only have limited supply and gets depleted once the resource has been dredged out.

These are the locations where Refined Metal can be dredged out from:

  • Greater Marrows (J8) – There is a small cove that is blocked off by debris behind the island of Greater Marrows.
  • Gale Cliffs (O4) – There is a cave near the central channel of Gale Cliffs that is blocked off by debris.
  • Gale Cliffs (P3) – Sail through the waterfall in Gale Cliffs and you will find a treasure chest that contains the resource.
  • Stellar Basin (C3) – Go to the spot and you will see a floating chest tethered on a chain which contain the metal and lots more treasures.
  • Twisted Strand (F14) – There is a channel within the Twisted Strand that is blocked off by debris.
  • Devil’s Spine (O13) – There is a dredging spot just past the arch of a ruin. Consider getting the Banish ability first to ward off the aggressive fishes patrolling the area.
  • Devil’s Spine (P12) – One Rock Slab found in the easternmost island of the Devil’s Spine requires a Ghost Skate and a Ghost Shark. Once you have slotted both fishes at the slab, you will be rewarded with a piece of Refined Metal and a Fathomless Flame.
Buying Refined Metal in Dredge

Buying Refined Metal

Refined Metal can also be bough from the Travelling Merchant at the Stellar Basin or Gale Cliffs for $500 or less depending on the book bonuses you have. The merchant usually restocks every day, so you will have all the metal that you will need to fully upgrade your boat just buy purchasing it from her.

Refined Metal Uses in Dredge

Refined Metal Uses

Refined Metal is mainly use to upgrade your boat’s hull to the next tier. You will only need a total of 6 pieces of Refined Metals to get your boat fully upgraded; a piece for the New Hull +5, two pieces for the New Hull +9, and three pieces for the New Hull +15. Any extra piece can simply be sold back to the merchant for some money.

Check out this video by Kibbles Gaming showing where to find Refined Metal in Dredge: