Dredge Lost Dog Pursuit Guide

How to complete the Lost Dog pursuit in Dredge

Dredge Lost Dog cover

The Lost Dog is one of the various side pursuits in Dredge. In this pursuit, players will find a stray dog in the abandoned resort in Stellar Basin. Ever since the staff and the people living near the resort has left the basin, the dog has been left to fend for itself all alone.

Read ahead as we go through the steps on how rescue the stray dog and complete the Lost Dog pursuit in Dredge.

Step 1: Fetch the dog

The stray dog can be found in G2 in Stellar Basin. You will also be able to hear its barks as you come close to the shore.

Step 2: Gain the dog's trust - how to complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge

Step 2: Gain the dog’s trust

You can then choose to disembark your boat in order to gain the dog’s trust. Choose these options to do so:

  • Slowly approach
  • Call for the dog
  • Hold out some fish in your hand (Having a fish in your boat is not required; only shows up if the dog is close to you)
  • Pat the dog
  • Leave

If you have done it right, the dog should follow you back to the boat. You will need to clear a 2×2 space for the dog to be able to get in the boat.

Step 3: Find the dog a new owner - how to complete the Lost Dog Pursuit in Dredge

Step 3: Find the dog a new owner

The Researcher at the Old Fortress in D5 can take care of the dog for you. Head over to the Old Fortress, talk to her, then choose the “This dog needs a home. Do you want it?” option. Confirm once more and you will complete the pursuit. The dog will then give you a Sapphire Ring trinket as a reward.

Can you keep the dog?

Yes, you can keep the dog. The other option when talking to the Researcher gives you the opportunity to become the dog’s owner instead. Choosing this option will still complete the side quest. The dog will become your companion, but this means the dog will also take up a 2×2 space within your boat’s cargo.

If you’re worried that you might lose the dog if the boat takes some damage, you don’t have to as the developer of the game confirms that the dog is invincible, and therefore he won’t be thrown overboard.

Check out this video by m4shup showing how to complete the Lost Dog pursuit in Dredge: