Dredge Mimic Crabs

Learn more about the Mimic Crabs in Dredge

Dredge Mimic Crab cover

Mimic crabs are one of the dangerous sea monsters in Dredge. These giant crabs use mimicry to bait their unsuspecting prey into coming close enough to their claws’ range. Despite staying still most of the time, they can still pose a threat to the uninitiated.

Read ahead as we talk about the mimic crabs and provide a list of all the locations you could look for them in Dredge.

Mimic Crab Locations

There are four Dredge Mimic Crabs that can be found in the Distant Shores, which are as follows:

Obelisk Mimic Crab - Dredge Mimic crab location
  • Obelisk Mimic Crab – E2, in Stellar Basin.
Ship Mimic Crab - Dredge Mimic crab location
  • Ship Mimic Crab – P6, the islands north of Gale Cliffs.
Ship Mimic Crab - Dredge Mimic crab location 2
  • Ship Mimic Crab – H13, the islands east of Twisted Strand.
Plane Mimic Crab - Dredge Mimic crab location 2
  • Plane Mimic Crab – D10, the island south of Twisted Strand.

These crabs spring up and reveal their true form once you get too close to them. They then start to swing their claws to hit your boat. You can simply sail away to get out of their range, and they should revert to their stationary form. You can use the Banish ability to temporarily prevent them from attacking, but they cannot be killed; they only function as environmental dangers.

Check out this video by Quasimofo showing a Mimic Crab in action in Dredge: