Enshrouded: How to Get Goo

A guide on how to obtain and use Goo in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Goo cover

Goo is a crafting material in Enshrouded used for spells, furniture, and special arrows and it is made out of stuff that are commonly found within shrouded areas. Read ahead as we share how to create Goo in Enshrouded.

How to Get Goo in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded How to Get Goo: Rescue the Alchemist Location in the map
Rescue the Alchemist Location (mapgenie.io)

Creating Goo will first require you to rescue the Alchemist from his chamber. Once done, summon the Alchemist at the base. One of the station recipes that you can make right away is the Grinding Stones which is needed to create one of the ingredients to make Goo.

Craft the Grinding Stones

The Grinding Stone can be crafted using the following materials:

  • x10 Flintstone
  • x15 Stone

Complete The Alchemist’s Mortar quest

Complete The Alchemist's Mortar quest

One of the Alchemist’s quests will have you look for his Mortar at the old Alchemist Tower. First, make sure to strengthen your Flame to at least level 2 to get through the shroud surrounding the tower.

Lone Thistle Location (mapgenie.io)

The Alchemist Tower can be found within the Lone Thistle area. Make your way up the 4th floor of the tower and look for a fireplace. Inside the fireplace is a button that opens a gate in the basement area. Head down to the basement where you can grab the Mortar. Just place the Mortar back in your base to complete the quest and unlock the recipe for Goo.

How to craft Goo

Enshrouded How to craft Goo

To create Goo, prepare the following materials:

  • x1 Dirt
  • x1 Shroud Liquid
  • x1 Bug Dust

Shroud Liquid can be gathered from chopping the mushrooms in the shrouded areas near the starting area, while Bug Dust can be processed from grinding Critter Parts with the Grinding Stones.

Goo Uses

Goo is also one of the materials needed in strengthening the Flame to level 4 (requires x15 Goo).

ItemTypeMaterial needed
Acid BiteSpell Chargex2 Poison Sack
x2 Ammonia Gland
x5 Goo
x20 Dirt
Medium Magic ChestStoragex1 Medium Chest
x2 Shroud Core
x2 Goo
ChandelierFurniturex2 Iron Bar
x3 Charcoal
x2 Glass
x4 Luminous Growth
x4 Goo
Wall LanternFurniturex1 Iron Bar
x2 Charcoal
x2 Glass
x2 Goo
x2 Luminous Growth
Stun ArrowAmmox10 Twigs
x2 Goo
x1 Alchemical Base
x10 Bug Dust
Shroud ArrowAmmox10 Twigs
x1 Goo
x1 Shroud Sack