Enshrouded: The Alchemist’s Mortar Alchemist Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete The Alchemist's Mortar quest in Enshrouded

Enshrouded The Alchemist's Mortar cover

The Alchemist’s Mortar is a quest in Enshrouded where the Alchemist requires assistance in recovering his Mortar. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the The Alchemist’s Mortar quest in Enshrouded.

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How to unlock The Alchemist’s Mortar quest

To unlock The Alchemist’s Mortar quest, you must first rescue the Alchemist from the Ancient Vault. Once done, summon the Alchemist back at the base and talk to him; The Alchemist’s Mortar quest will be one of the quests that will be available right away.

Before going for the quest, it is important to upgrade the Flame Altar to level 2 as the Alchemist’s Tower will be in the middle of the deadly shroud.

Search the Alchemist’s Tower

Alchemist’s Tower Location, within the shrouded Lone Thistle: (mapgenie.io)

Upon accepting the quest, the Alchemist’s Tower will be marked on the map within the shrouded Lone Thistle area. From the Springlands Ancient Spire, aim north-northeast and go past the Mistbury Catacombs.

Prepare to enter the shroud; the tower will be near the edge of the shroud, so it should not take long to get in and out of the shroud.

Find a way inside the Laboratory

Once inside the tower, the stairs that lead to the basement will take you to the laboratory, but instead of going down, make your way up to the fourth floor.

Find the Hidden Button

On the fourth floor, go out to the balcony area and look for another boarded doorway. You will find the This was not a Good Idea lore page and a button on the wall. Press the button to make the gates at the laboratory open up.

Go to the laboratory where you can pick up the Mortar.

Place the Mortar

Go back to the base and place the Mortar down to complete the quest. You will then be rewarded with 150 XP for completing the quest.

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