Enshrouded: The Alchemist’s Rumors Alchemist Quest Guide

A guide on how to complete The Alchemist's Rumors quest in Enshrouded

Enshrouded The Alchemist's Rumors cover

The Alchemist’s Rumors is a quest in Enshrouded given by the Alchemist where the Alchemist needs help in eliminating a group of scavengers who have been abusing elixirs with their experiments. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to complete the The Alchemist’s Rumors quest in Enshrouded.

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How to unlock the The Alchemist’s Rumors quest

To unlock The Alchemist’s Rumors quest, you must have rescued the Alchemist and crafted the Grappling Hook from the Blacksmith. Once done, the quest should be available by talking to the Alchemist.

Additionally, you will need to have rescued the Carpenter and summoned him to the base in order to complete the quest.

Investigate the Troubling Rumors

Hill of Scavengers Location: (mapgenie.io)

After learning of the group of scavengers who have been misusing elixirs, their camp will be marked on the map, which is at the Hill of Scavengers.

Starting from the Springlands Ancient Spire, glide towards the northeast where you will find the camp. It is recommended to have the Advanced Glider in order to safely glide over the shrouded area.

Once you’re in the camp, take your time clearing out the enemies in the base. A good tip is to take out the ranged enemies on the high platforms first and use the platform as a high ground to stay safe from the rest of the enemies.

Your main goal is to defeat the Scavenger Gorger Matron which is located in the middle of the camp. The objective will be completed after the matron has been defeated. Make sure to check the cave underneath where the matron is at to find a silver chest and The Gorger! lore page.

Craft the Improved Grappling Hook

Head back to the base and talk to the Carpenter to craft the Improved Grappling Hook which requires the following materials:

  • x1 Shroud Core
  • x2 Shroud Liquid
  • x3 Shroud Spores
  • x1 Grappling Hook

The Shroud Core can be obtained from defeating the elite enemies within the shroud or by crafting one with the Alchemist (x10 Shroud Spores, x10 Shroud Liquid), while the Shroud Liquid can be obtained from chopping down the plants within the shroud. Shroud Spores can be obtained from defeated enemies within the shroud.

The quest will be completed once the Improved Grappling Hook has been crafted and you will be rewarded with 75 XP.

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