Enshrouded: Where to Get Shroud Sacks

Shroud Sack is a type of crafting material, and here's how players can obtain it in Enshrouded

Enshrouded How to Find Shroud Sacks

Shroud Sack is a crafting material in Enshrouded that is used for essential equipment that makes traversing more easier, and is also beneficial for hunters. As such, let’s talk about where to find Shroud Sacks and what they are used for in Enshrouded.

Where to get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Shroud Sacks

Shroud sacks can be obtained as dropped loot from killing Blue Flower and Red Mushroom enemies, which can be found within the Shroud.

You can locate the Blue Flowers in the shroud to the east and far north of Revelwood Ancient Spire, considering that you’ve upgraded your Flame to level 3. You can also head over to the Lone Thistle shroud, which is located northeast of Springlands Ancient Spire.

If you opt to get Shourd Sacks from Red Mushrooms, then you can look for them in the Nomad Highlands of Umber Hollow, located in the northeast part of the map. However, the Shroud here is a high-level area, and encountering one could be deadly if you’re not prepared enough.

Shroud Sacks Crafting Recipes in Enshrouded

Shroud Sacks are mainly used to craft the following recipes in Enshrouded:

  • Advanced Glider (requires 6 Shroud Wood, 4 Linen, 4 String, and 8 Shroud Sack)
  • Shroud Arrow (requires 10 Twigs, 1 Goo, and 1 Shroud Sack)

In addition to shroud sacks, all of the other necessary materials, such as linen, are easily accessible. With these on, you can use the glider to travel around the map more often and use shroud arrows to keep enemies at bay