Evil Dead: The Game Delayed to February 2022

Delayed but they are also adding some good stuff.

evil dead the game delayed

Game developer Boss Team Games has made it official that Evil Dead: The Game will be delayed to early next year.

The upcoming and one of the most anticipated game based on a TV show has been delayed. It was revealed that the team is now going to release it sometime in February 2022 with new improvements to the game. They are going to make time to polish it further to ensure the best Evil Dead experience for fans and new players alike.

Aside from polishing the game, the developers confirmed that there will be a single-player component added to the game too. The team wants its fans to enjoy the game even without their friends or co-op players.

The fans are actually happy that they have decided to move the release date. They are even glad that the devs decided to add a whole new single-player component for everyone to enjoy.

Evil Dead: The Game has been delayed to February 2022 and it will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.