Evil West: How to Beat Carrion Husk Boss Fight Guide

Carrion Husk in Evil West is a massive piece of abomination surrounded with a big mouth where its stomach should be and surrounded by metal contraption. This giant undead vampire is the first boss of the game and has a bunch of area-of-effect attacks that you need to watch out for. Our guide will teach you how to beat Carrion Husk in Evil West.

How to Defeat Carrion Husk in Evil West?

The best way to beat Carrion Husk is by constantly interrupting its attacks with Kick Off once you see it glow. This boss is slow and predictable giving you a lot of room to dodge its large swings which often damage an area. You can keep the Carrion Husk on its backfoot with a constant barrage of melee attacks and kick-off interrupts only retreating back when you need to..

Typical for the first boss of a game, Carrion Husk in Evil West is a pushover. It can constantly be interrupted when it glows and be repeatedly destroyed with a series of melee attacks. The only time you really need to keep your distance is when you miss the opportunity for a Kick Off interrupt.

How to Defeat Carrion Husk in Evil West kick off interrupt

Carrion Husk has a few attacks to watch out for:

  • Shockwave Stomp: Carrion Husk will stomp on the ground indicated by a red circle which will send shockwaves at you in succession.
  • Fist Smash: Carrion Husk will swing both of its fist to the center if you’re near.
  • Charge Smash: Carrion Husk will charge to your position with arms raised and bring them slamming down.
  • Jump Smash: Carrion Husk will jump and smash the ground sending a small shockwave around.

All of the attacks above can be interrupted by a Kick Off. Carrion Husk will glow before attacking which gives you the nod to interrupt the attack before it hits. Since damage from your gun doesn’t effect Carrion Husk much, melee attacks are your best bet to take this monster down.

After you’ve drained Carrion Husk’s health down, you’ll be able to execute it which puts it down for good. You have now defeated Carrion Husk in Evil West.

How to Defeat Carrion Husk in Evil West ranged attacks

That’s how to beat Carrion Husk in Evil West. We hope this article was informative. For more on Evil West, you’re already in the right place.

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