Evil West: How to Beat Peter D’Abano Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Peter D'Abano in Evil West featured

Peter D’Abano in Evil West is a highborn vampire that you face at the end of the second level, The Raid. He can be quite the challenging undead foe considering that he’s a pretty powerful vampire and you’re still learning the ropes of the game. Read on, and this guide will teach you how to beat Peter D’Abano in Evil West.

How to Defeat Peter D’Abano in Evil West?

You have to damage Peter D’Abano with consistent barrages of melee attacks which gives a great deal of damage. However since he can move around fast, the best way to get close is to wait to shoot his weak point with a gun which is displayed by a yellow circle when he does certain ranged attacks.

It should be noted that Peter D’Abano in Evil West is a primarily melee fighter, but he does have a few ranged moves. Two of which give him a yellow circle in the center which you can shoot to momentarily stun him. Once you do, close the distance immediately and then punish him with melee attacks.

Peter D’Abano is most vulnerable when he flies into the air to charge up an attack. During this time, there will be a small yellow circle in the middle of his body which you can hit with your gun multiple times. The other time he does this is a quick ranged attack where he flies backwards to shoot fire at you.

You will not be fighting Peter D’Abano in Evil West alone. After reducing him to half of his health, he will summon some undead minions to assist him. They’ll be annoying you enough to miss your ranged shots, so be sure to dispatch them first.

Peter D’Abano in Evil West has a good combination of notable melee and ranged attacks:

  • Blood Burst: Peter D’Abano will fold his wings before releasing a shot of blood in your direction.
  • Jump Thrust: Peter D’Abano will crouch and glow before jumping in the air to quickly close in the distance and strike the ground where you are.
  • Jump Back and Fire: Peter D’Abano will jump backwards and fire magma in a cone-shaped area in front of him. He will display the yellow circle weak spot momentarily.
  • Charged Attack: Peter D’Abano will spin into the air, drawing power around him. He will display the yellow circle weak spot which you have to strike multiple times to stun him.

So long as you put pressure on Peter D’Abano, you should be able to beat him without much problems. Just watch out for his ranged attacks as he likes to fly around the boss arena.

That’s how to beat Peter D’Abano in Evil West. We hope this article was informative. For more on Evil West content, you’re already in the right place.

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