Fallout 4 on discount? Is it Christmas already?

Its a lucky time of the year for diehard Wastelanders out there. Despite Fallout 4 being a year old, we can all agree that Bethesda still knows how to keep the game as sweet as it was on release date. According to GameSpot, Bethesda is reportedly giving out Fallout 4 (on all platforms), for half the cost! With the original price going at $60.00, gamers can now get the game for half at $30.00 with season pass discounted at $33.50 from its original price of $50.00. Game DLCs are also on sale, with Automatron at $6.70, Contraptions Workshop at $3.50, Far Harbor at $16.74, Vault-Tec Workshops at $3.34, Wasteland Workshop at $3.45, and Nuka-World at $13.39. Though as sweet as Bethesda’s offer may sound, fans are advised by Bethesda to take advantage of the “limited time promotion”.

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