How to Complete Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon – All Bosses and Loot Guide

A guide on how to conquer and survive the Smileton dungeon.

smileton dungeon

Smileton is a new level 90 dungeon that was added in patch 6.0 of the Endwalker expansion. Players will have to complete all of the objectives of the dungeon, and that includes defeating the three bosses that reside in this dungeon.

It is the culmination of the Warrior of Light’s journey through time travel, apocalypse, and multiple battles with formidable opponents in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker.

A Dungeon at the center of the Moon, known as “Smileton,” awaits a worthy challenger after you stop the Final Days, and you must help the panic-stricken Loporrit Buildingway with a mysterious task.

We got you covered with this guide so that you can clear this dungeon in no time.

How to unlock Smileton Dungeon on Final Fantasy XIV

To unlock the Smileton Dungeon, you must be at least level 90 and complete the Cutting the Cheese quest from panic-stricken Loporrit Buildingway (X:11.8, Y:11.4).

It is one of three capstone dungeons that players will encounter in Endwalker, and it can be found in the Mare Lamentorum area.

How to prepare for the Smileton Dungeon?

To prepare for the Smileton Dungeon, players will have to be at least level 90 with a total of 540 gear level (iLvl). Partying up with 2 DPS, a tank, and a healer is recommended.

Smileton Dungeon Objectives

  • Arrive at Smileport: 1/1
  • Clear Smileport: 1/1
  • Arrive at the Welcome Wheel: 1/1
  • Clear the Welcome Wheel: 1/1
  • Arrive at the Frame: 1/1
  • Defeat the Big Cheese: 1/1

How to defeat the Smileton Dungeon bosses?

To defeat the Smileton Dungeon bosses, you will have to traverse a very Escher-esque landscape riddled with mobs. The minor monsters shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re partied up and geared up properly.

We will be looking through each of the bosses’ attack patterns to that you can act accordingly and ensure victory.

Face – First Smileton Boss

Face is the first boss that looks like a massive wall with a face. It is accompanied by smaller heads outside of the arena that can dish out attacks in certain parts of the fight.

First Smileton Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Lunatender – Dodge AoE on the frontal line from Smiley Lunatender, the La Vie En Epines.
  • Smiley Panopt – Avoid the AoE on the frontal conal area, the Retinal Glare.
  • Smiley Wanderer – Beware and dodge the AoE from Smiley Wanderer, the Empty Beleaguer.

How to Defeat Face – Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Boss

To defeat Face, you have to know that its heads can each deal a sad (red) or a happy (blue) debuff which can stack up and deal additional damage. Getting three stacks of debuff will immediately knockout the player.

  • Heart of Fire IV: A moderate tank buster attack. The tank should prepare their cooldowns and the healer should prepare for support in case of an emergency.
  • Temper’s Flare: An unavoidable AOE attack. Healer should prepare to heal the party.
  • Lines of Fire: The smaller heads will fire horizontal AOE lines across the arena. If a player steps on these lines, they will get a debuff depending on the color of the head where the line comes from. To avoid additional damage, try to alternate the colors of the debuffs.
  • Upside Down: The smaller heads will flip and change their color.
  • Off My Lawn: A knockback attack. This attack can coincide with Lines of Fire, so be aware of the lines that you will cross to avoid stacking the debuff of the same color and position accordingly.

Frameworker – Second Smileton Boss

Frameworker is the second boss in the Smileton dungeon. He has two adds that can offer help by copying his moves.

Second Smileton Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Daphnia – Deflect the AoE from Smiley Daphnia, the Acrid Stream.
  • Smiley Scraper – Evade the point-blank AoE from Smiley Scraper, the Headspin.

How to Defeat Frameworker – Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Boss

To defeat Frameworker, the player needs to know that most of its moves are position-based, so finding the right spot to avoid damage is key to defeating this boss.

  • Circular Saw: An unavoidable AOE attack. Healer should prepare to heal the party.
  • Steel Beam: A tank buster attack. The tank should prepare their cooldown, and the healer should assist with healing when necessary.
  • Leap Forward: Frameworker jumps towards the spot where it’s facing and deals massive AOE damage. Move towards his original jump point or towards the opposite point to where he’ll land.
  • Print Workers: Adds will copy the Leap Forward attack. Watch where the adds are facing and move behind the adds to avoid the damage.
  • Omnidimensional Onslaught: Four cone markers will show up originating from Frameworker, followed by another set of four cone markers. Stand in the safe area of the first set of markers (where the second set will appear), then move to where the first set of markers are as soon as the first attack is done to avoid the second wave of damage.
Smilemaker: The Big Cheese  - Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Boss

Smilemaker: The Big Cheese – Final Boss

The Big Cheese is the final boss of the Smileton dungeon. It uses mines and explosives to dish out massive damage throughout the arena.

Final Boss Trash Mobs

  • Smiley Dynamite – Dodge the point-blank AoE, Burst.
  • Smiley Supporter – Doge the is a donut AoE, Fire Fighter.
  • Smiley Sweeper – Dodge the left or right cleave attack, Sewer Water.

How to Defeat The Big Cheese – Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Boss

To defeat The Big Cheese, pay attention to the number of arrows on the conveyor belts on both sides of the boss and avoid stepping on the mines that will be thrown.

  • Piercing Missile: A tank buster attack. Prepare cooldowns and heals.
  • Violent Discharge: An unavoidable AOE attack. Healer should prepare to heal the party right after.
  • Dispense Explosives: The Big Cheese will spawn two proximity bombs in the area. Avoid their range to prevent them from exploding.
  • Explosive Power: The boss will detonate the spawned proximity bombs. Steer clear of the bombs’ range.
  • Explosive Distribution: The boss will send out two explosives, each carried by the conveyors on the sides. Arrows will appear on the conveyor belts and their number will tell where the explosives will blow up: one arrow will tell that the explosive on that conveyor belt will detonate near the boss, while three arrows will tell that the bomb will detonate far away from the boss. To avoid damage, find the conveyor belt with the single arrow and move to the opposite side of the arena while staying near the boss.
  • Left/Right Disassembler: The boss will fire a laser on the side corresponding to the attack. Move to the opposite side to avoid damage.
  • Leveling Missile: Targets all party members with an AOE attack. Spread out to avoid getting overlapping damage.
  • Electric Arc: Targets a random member. Stack up on the party member to mitigate the damage taken.
Smilemaker: The Big Cheese  - Smileton FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon Boss

Follow these guides and you’ll definitely be able to clear out Smileton Dungeon and enjoy the loot that you’ll get.

Smileton Loot – FFXIV Endwalker Dungeon

The Smileton Dungeon loot along with the other two endgame dungeons, provides access to The Last Accessories, which are items at level 560.

  • The Last Bracelet of Aiming
  • The Last Bracelet of Casting
  • The Last Bracelet of Fending
  • The Last Bracelet of Healing
  • The Last Bracelet of Slaying
  • The Last Earring of Aiming
  • The Last Earring of Casting
  • The Last Earring of Fending
  • The Last Earring of Healing
  • The Last Earring of Slaying
  • The Last Necklace of Aiming
  • The Last Necklace of Casting
  • The Last Necklace of Fending
  • The Last Necklace of Healing
  • The Last Necklace of Slaying
  • The Last Ring of Aiming
  • The Last Ring of Casting
  • The Last Ring of Fending
  • The Last Ring of Healing
  • The Last Ring of Slaying

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