FIFA 23 Game Modes List

FIFA 23 Career Mode featured

Players have plenty to dive into with FIFA 23 game modes being great in variety. From being able to manage your own team to partaking in tournaments, you’ll have a lot to distract yourself with. This guide will list every game mode in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 Game Modes

Here are all the FIFA 23 game modes:

  • Kick Off
  • Online Friendlies
  • Tournaments
  • Skill Games
  • Practice Arena
  • VOLTA Football
  • Ultimate Team
  • Career Mode
  • Pro Clubs
  • Seasons
  • FIFA World Cup

FIFA 23 has a total of 11 game modes to play in. Many of these game modes will already be familiar to veteran FIFA players, however with new features that FIFA 23 is introducing the experience is better than ever.

This time around you’ll have more teams to play as, especially with the introduction of the Women’s Club Football in this FIFA installment allowing for a more diverse roster. Of course you’ll want to know what these game modes mean.

Kick Off

For players looking for casual matches, Kick Off is the go to game mode of choice. You’ll be able to setup matches with or against friends using any available teams. This game mode offers a wide variety of customization options such as deciding the conditions for rules, AI Competence, and starting scores.

Online Friendlies

A great mode for those seeking to invite friends to play matches online. You can keep track of your competition for over five seasons and compare talents with each other. Whoever has the most points after five games wins the trophy. You can then keep the competition going to defend your trophy or take the crown for yourself.


Create your own custom tournament using your own rules. Play as teams, including the teams from CONMEBOL Libertadores and UEFA Champions League, and lead them to victory.

FIFA 23 Game Modes Skill Games

Skill Games

The perfect mode to test yourself, improve your skills, and compare them with your friends. Complete certain challenges and do complex maneuvers like free kicks, dribbling, and chip shots. You can upload your performance on the Leaderboard for bragging rights.

Practice Arena

It’s as the name implies, Practice Arena is a game mode you can head into to improve your skills. Select a player and a goalkeeper to train yourself in shooting, goal keeping, and dribbling. You can even practice penalties and free kicks.

VOLTA Football

Brings back the classic street football and FUTSAL in FIFA 23. Create your own character which you can stylize with cosmetics and improve their skills by taking part in single and multiplayer games. There are different game modes to participate in such as Arcade, Battles, or Squads.

Ultimate Team

FIFA Ultimate Team has always been the milk and honey of the franchise. And with FIFA 23, it returns better than ever. Build your dream team as you progress, acquiring new players for your team by opening packs which contain random rewards or buying them from the online global transfer market. You’ll earn more currency to build your team as you see fit by continuously partaking in online and offline matches.

Here are the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Game Modes you can partake in:

  • Squad Battles
  • Division Rivals
  • FUT Champions
  • Friendlies
  • FUT Draft
  • Squad Building Challenges
  • Objectives
  • FUT Moments
  • FIFA World Cup

It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 23 does not have all the FUT game modes, such as the FUT Champions and Rivals, listed above.

FIFA 23 Game Modes Career Mode

Career Mode

Build your own lifelong football career as a manager or as a player. As the manager, you’ll have to manage your team and lead them to victory after victory. If you pick the player career, you can improve your character and compete against other teams all over.

Pro Clubs

Create a Virtual Pro Player as your avatar and pitch yourself in a position against other players online in 11v11 matches. Your Virtual Pro Player will improve their skills as they level up and gain experience.


This game mode is essentially Ranked mode for FIFA 23. Season is split into two modes. Playing Seasons online pits you against other players in the same division. Earn points to move up divisions and challenge other players from those divisions. You can play Seasons Co-op, which instead pits you against online friends in a 2v2 ranked online match.

FIFA World Cup

Experience the official FIFA World Cup elements and play as the qualified national teams for both men and women. You’ll feel the excitement and drama as you aim to get the iconic trophy for your favorite team.

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That’s all for the FIFA 23 game modes list. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more FIFA 23 content, check out our other guides.

This deep dive of the FIFA 23 gameplay from the official EA Sports FIFA channel will give you an idea of what’s in store for you in the game.