Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Demo Impressions

A step closer to the full release of FFVII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Impressions

As the end of February approaches, a lot of Square Enix fans, including myself, are excited for the release of one of the most popular FF games to be released and that is Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Recently, the developers released for the PlayStation 5 the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo, and among else, it has surprised fans as there will be bits and pieces of the game that have changed over the past couple of years since the release of FFVII Remake.

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, players will continue off after the events of FFVII Remake including its DLC story Intergrade where Cloud and friends investigate the cause for the destruction of the world and to prevent Sephiroth from progressing his sinister plans even further.

The demo shows not only how deep the game will be upon its release but also tells familiar scenes that are shown in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. Though to be fair, certain missing pieces were not shown or removed from the sequence like Zack’s involvement in the “incident”. But it does hint that the game has some disturbing hints that relate to time travel and I feel worried about what the story of the game will be.

The gameplay still utilizes the same features of FVII Remake but now a new feature has been added and it is called Syngery Skills where two characters that are active in one’s party perform tag combos that deal staggering damage to various enemies. Because of this, expectations for the full release of the FFVII Rebirth have greatly increased. We can expect that there will be tons of various Synergy abilities and skills that can improve the battle system of the game and we can see more challenging enemies soon.

Not only in terms of combat and exploration but also in terms of performance. The graphics of the demo imply that the developers have put so much effort into ensuring that this game is worth the wait. With more high depth and intriguing graphics, the game will be a masterpiece and will outdo the mistakes they made in their last Final Fantasy game, Final Fantasy XVI.

A small spoiler was revealed to fans as they finished the demo of the game. Once players finish the story of how Sephiroth turned on humanity, another demo story mission will be unlocked. However, it is not yet accessible as Square Enix revealed that there will be an update for it in the coming days before the release. The story mission that will be unlocked will allow players to use not only Cloud but also the likes of Tifa, Barret, Aerith, and Red XIII. More likely, we will see familiar and new skills and materia soon.

To sum it all up, the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is a great way to familiarize oneself with getting ready for its full release. I highly recommend players download the game now and practice what they know to get ready for the difficult challenges that will await them soon.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to be released on February 29, 2024, on the PlayStation 5. For more Final Fantasy VII-related news, check out the links below: