Final Fantasy VII Remake New Commercials Show More Game Footage

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud

Game publisher Square Enix recently released more commercials for most anticipated video game Final Fantasy VII Remake to stoke your hype as launch date draws near.

Final Fantasy VII Remake commercials hypes more gamers

With the release date in a matter of weeks, Square Enix just bombed the Japanese TV with more commercials. There are five of these commercials and they pretty much hypes up the fans even more.

The first two commercials feature more game footage that players will expect to see in-game soon. One focused more on story events, while the other on battles. Both were fun to watch and it just made fans get frustrated because April 10 is not here yet.

The last three commercials stir up another feeling: nostalgia. These are parts from the Japan-only live-action short movie that focused on the original version of FFVII and showed some parts of the remake.

Just a reminder guys: FFVIIR will still launch on April 10 digitally. The physical versions might get shortages so contact your shops right away for an update on your pre-orders.

Check out the commercials here:

Thanks DualShockers.