Final Fantasy VII Remake Devs Reveal Install Size

Final Fantasy VII Remake Cloud

The most anticipated video game this year, Final Fantasy VII Remake has been launched early in other regions around the world right now and some gamers are currently enjoying it. They reveal the install size of the game. Prepare your PlayStation 4 storages.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Install Size is Big

If you thought Red Dead Redemption 2 had a big install size, then this should change your mind because it is slightly bigger than that. Gamers from Europe and Australia have gotten their copies of FFVIIR and have been showing on social media with pictures to show. The good thing about this is that they showed the back part of the package, which shows the details of the game. One of those big details is the installation size.

The installation needs a minimum of 100 GB of storage space. Think about that. And that is with the physical copy of the game. How much more if it was the digital version? It would need a lot more since it will have more resources coming with it.

Game genius Tetsuya Nomura did warn the gamers and fans that it will take a lot of storage space since the game is really big. This now confirms it fully.

FFVIIR will officially launch on April 10 for the rest of the world and exclusive only to the PS4. Well, it will be exclusive to the platform until April 2021 and it could come to other consoles and PC.

Thanks DualShockers.