Final Fantasy VII Remake Gets Jukebox; Cloud Collects Music Discs In Midgar

Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo

The most anticipated video game of the year Final Fantasy VII Remake has tons of things to do for players to enjoy, and collecting music discs is one of those.

Final Fantasy VII Remake collectibles feature Jukebox

RPGs, JRPGs in particular have a knack of making players collect stuff all throughout their adventures in the game, and some particularly feature game music. In the upcoming remake, players will be able to listen to some of the best music tracks and play them with the Jukebox at Seventh Heaven.

When main protagonist Cloud goes off exploring the whole of Midgar, there will be places that will play a particular new music track. This will be the clue for the players to search for the area for an in-game disc. When collected, a disc mark will appear at the top left of the screen. You can actually get these music discs from Midgar citizens, and sometimes purchasable at shops.

The game will launch this coming April 10 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. There is also a demo that everyone can try out on PSN.

Thanks DualShockers.