Final Fantasy VII: Remake Has Brand New Surprise Floor In Shinra Building

Final Fantasy VII: Remake Cloud

An entirely new floor will be added to the Shinra Building in the upcoming video game Final Fantasy VII: Remake for an entirely new experience.

Final Fantasy VII: Remake new floor is a mystery

In a recent interview with FF7 Remake co-director Naoki Hamaguchi, he confirmed that the remake will have new elements that the original did not have. This includes a brand new floor that the original Shinra building is missing out on. This is all original and has new stuff to explore.

Hamaguchi stated:

I won’t reveal exactly what that entails, because I want people to enjoy it when they actually play the game, but I will say that [Final Fantasy 7 Remake] has added a new upper floor to the Shinra Building to present a climax that was not in the original.

Game producer Yoshinori Kitase added some detail too. Here is what he had to say:

In the original game there were a lot of breaks in the game, where the screen went black, and then the game continues in a different location. In other words, there were a lot of parts in between sections of Midgar that were implied, but never seen. That was something that we wanted to address with remake – to fill in all those gaps, show how the different parts of the city are connected, and make it a continuous experience.

So yes, it will be a brand new experience for both the fans and the new players alike. It will be a fun experience for everyone and it will be a good destresser for those who are in COVID-19 lockdown.

The game will launch on April 10 for the PlayStation 4. The digital version will push through, but the physical edition might have some issues down the road due to the pandemic.

Thanks VG247. Source: Official Website