Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Server Status


Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker is finally upon us but there have been a slew of problems that hold back the experience. This is especially concerning with Final Fantasy XIV being a subscription based MMO with a monthly payment.

Any errors would waste players money especially those who bought the expansion. You might be asking what the Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Server Status is at the moment.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Server Status

Final Fantasy XIV Server Status

The Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Servers are currently experiencing overload. Too many players are attempting to login at the moment resulting in several critical errors.

If you’ve attempted to login to Final Fantasy XIV at the moment, you may experience a less than desirable outcome. You may want to wait until further notice for Square Enix to fix their servers or for the active player count to go down.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Server Issues

Here are the notable server issues that players are experiencing with Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker at the moment.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Error 2002

Final Fantasy XIV Server Status

Players who waited a long time in the queue will suddenly get Error 2002. This can be frustrating as there may not be a known fix for this at the moment.

On the simplest terms, this is happening because of the Final Fantasy XIV Data Centers only capable of holding no more than 17,000 players at a time. The release of Endwalker has crossed that threshold resulting in a good number of players getting Error 2002.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Unable to Obtain Character Data

Final Fantasy XIV Server Status

When some players login to the world their characters in, they may see a ??? in place of important information such as character name, levels, and etc. Any attempts to get the information results in “Unable to Obtain Character Data” which could be problematic for those who can’t tell their characters apart.

While this is much less serious than Error 2002, it can still be jarring to experience such an issue. Like Error 2002, there is no known fix for it. This is also tied to server overload.

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