Forspoken Purple Magic Guide: How to Use and Unlock

All Purple Magic spells in Forspoken and how to learn this nature-based magic.

Forspoken Purple Magic featured

Forspoken gives you a variety of powerful magic to either help you traverse or fight enemies. One of them is Purple Magic which is a type of magic that Frey starts with as soon as she lands in the mysterious world of Athia. This gives her earth-based magic that is diverse and has a lot of potential which you can take advantage of. Frey’s Purple Magic tree features a good mix of close-range, long-range, area-of-effect, and defensive abilities.

This guide to Forspoken Purple Magic will help you better make use of this magic and how to unlock all of it.

Forspoken Purple Magic Attacks

Forspoken Purple Magic Attacks

Purple Magic has a lot to offer in terms of keeping opponents down and below are the most basic offensive Purple Magic in Forspoken.


Fires Shots of lumps of rocks at enemies which are useful for draining down their health. This Purple Magic variant has no upgrades.

Burst Shot

Frey can charge up an attack that fires a burst shot at enemies causing a rock explosion after releasing her charge. This is a great way of taking down tougher foes with higher defensive properties and those sporting shields. A fully upgraded burst shot can take down multiple foes in one charged shot.

  • Burst Shot Lv. 1: Fires forth lumps of explosive rock that deal area damage
  • Burst Shot Lv. 2: Fires forth lumps of explosive rock that deal more damage over a wider area (Costs 38 Mana)
  • Burst Shot Lv. 3: Fires forth lumps of explosive rock that deal even more damage over an even wider area (Costs 74 Mana)

Shield Shot

Some enemies love to charge Frey like a bull, firing a Shield Shot in front of their path gives them a nasty surprise and protects Frey from incoming damage. Though she’ll still be vulnerable to attacks from the sides and back.

  • Shield Shot Lv. 1: Creates a defensive shield while charging, which is blasted forward in pieces when released
  • Shield Shot Lv. 2: Creates a larger defensive shield while charging, which is blasted forward with more force when released
  • Shield Shot Lv. 3: Creates an even larger defensive shield while charging, which is blasted forward with even more force when released

Scatter Shot

Scatter Shot makes Frey fire rapid-fire shots at enemies using this Purple Magic. If you need to hit enemies without having to charge up attacks, it’s a good method of mowing down weaker enemies.

  • Scatter Shot Lv. 1: Fires a steady stream of rocks while charging, then unleashes a high-impact, long-range projectile when released
  • Scatter Shot Lv. 2: Fires rock harder and faster while charging. and unleashes a higher-impact long-range shot when released
  • Scatter Shot Lv. 3: Fires rocks even harder while charging, and unleashes an even higher-impact long-range shot when released (Costs 74 Mana)
Forspoken Purple Magic Defense

Forspoken Purple Magic Defense

Frey can also utilize Purple Magic to act defensively in Forspoken. Listed below are Purple Magic defense skills particularly useful for aggressive opponents who won’t leave many openings.


Prime can make Frey place a trap on a surface of her choosing which will explode upon being stepped on. It’s great when you’re dealing with a lot of foes, place a trap into the ground and lead them into it. (Costs 28 Mana)


Screen can make Frey summon a defensive barrier around her made of rocks that absorb enemy attacks. Really great for minimizing damage in case you’re hit. (Costs 28 Mana)


Tendril can make Frey summon an ivy whip that snakes around her. It will deal damage to enemies and return the health to Frey depending on how much damage it dealt. Great for life steal in case your health is low.


Leach can make Frey grow magical poison-curing plants that cure her of any poison effects. Can be used situationally if Frey is in a bad position.


Bind can make Frey stop enemies from moving by binding them with a tangle of weeds. Useful against fast enemies who just love to keep moving around.


Implant can make Frey shoot seeds at enemies which continuously deal damage over time using this Purple Magic. Take advantage of this by using a hit-and-run strategy to slowly drain tougher enemies of their health. (Costs 24 Mana)


Disperse can make Frey summon flowers on a surface which will pick up nearby rocks to attack enemies with.

Forspoken Purple Magic Parkour Spells

Forspoken Purple Magic Parkour Spells

Frey can also use some Purple Magic to get around Athia and even dodge enemy attacks. Considering how vast the open world is, she’s going to need these parkour spells to get around with style.


Shimmy allows Frey to move faster by lifting her feet off the ground. Use this to gain momentum.


Flow allows Frey to move gracefully using Purple Magic parkour at high speeds. Not only does this make traversal fun but also saves a lot of time.


Leap gives Frey the ability to kick walls in order to climb higher. Get to difficult-to-reach areas by taking advantage of this magic.

Forspoken Purple Magic Miscellaneous Spells

Other Forspoken Purple Magic Spells

There are other Purple Magic spells that Frey can use in Forspoken that can’t quite be defined as offensive, defensive, or support. Nonetheless, they’re insanely useful if you know how to take advantage of them.


Frey summons item-seeking roots to burrow into the ground and look for loot. The more loot they find, the quicker Frey’s support magic recharges.


Genesis makes Frey summon barbed branches in front of her which damage enemies in a wide area. A good magic to resort to when dealing with a multitude of foes.

  • Genesis Lv. 1: Summons barbed branches which are fire out in front of you, skewering enemies over a wide area
  • Genesis Lv. 2: Hits harder and over a wider area when the buttons are held
  • Genesis Lv. 3: Strikes and poisons enemies over a wide area when the buttons are held for even longer (Costs 142 Mana)


With Rarify, Frey can use her crafting skills to combine Breakshards of the same type together and improve them. Breakshards can be found throughout the game world and can be used to upgrade a variety of different weapons and abilities. These upgrades can range from increased damage and elemental effects to new abilities and special moves. The number of Breakshards that can be used to upgrade a weapon or ability is limited, so players will have to choose carefully which upgrades they want to focus on. (Costs 42 Mana)


With Modify, Frey can use her crafting skills to turn Breakshards into other types of shards. Useful if you’re missing a few shards of another type for upgrading. One of the most exciting things about Breakshards is the way they can be combined to create even more powerful upgrades. By combining different types of Breakshards, players can create unique combinations of upgrades that can give them a significant advantage in battle. (Costs 34 Mana)


With Vivify, Frey uses her crafting skills to improve the amount of health a necklace improves.

Cut and Run

Using Cut and Run, Frey blows the ground open which sends her back flying. This also switches to her magic.

How to unlock Purple Magic spells in Forspoken?

Purple Magic spells can be unlocked by spending Mana in the Magic skill tree on the menu. Go to the Magic tab between the Map and Gear, and you’ll see the Purple Magic spells and how much they cost to unlock.

Mana can be used to learn new Purple Magic spells and upgrade ones that you already know. You can get Mana via the Mana Pools which spawn all over Athia. Mana Pools are these blue lights of energy emanating from the ground.

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