Fortnite: Guide to Complete Sideways Encounter

Here's how to complete Sideways Encounter.

Sideways is a new addition to Season 8 of Fortnite. One of the quests given to players actually revolves around it. Due to its recent addition in Fortnite, you may be lost as to how to complete Sideways Encounter, which is the quest that comes alongside. Fear not, we’re here to give you all the details you need.

Fortnite: Complete a Sideways Encounter Guide

What is a Sideways Encounter in Fortnite Season 8 Chapter 2?

The Sideways is an alternate dimension, a darker world within Fortnite that contains monstrous anomalies. There is no doubt danger and risk when one chooses to enter. Cube Monsters reign the sideway and will attack sight. Venturing into the Sideways may be beneficial, however, as the dark world contains powerful weapons for you to privy upon.

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How to Enter the Sideways

Once you’re in the game, pay attention to a large orange bubble in a point of interest. Anomalies will always take control of a landmark. This is how you get into The Sideways: by walking into the orange bubble.

When you’re inside, it will become more dangerous. Lightning will flash all around you and no doubt you’ll be competing against other players as well as the Cube Monsters. We advise that you take what you need quickly and be on your way.

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Sideways Anomaly (courtesy of Dexerto)

If you missed your chance, then you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a Sideways Anomaly. They’re purple portals that feature a smaller version of the Sideways. They’re also far more likely to be safer as they don’t appear in every match and not every player can find them.

How to Complete Sideways Encounter

Completing the Fortnite quest Sideways Encounter is rather straightforward and simple. Eliminate as many Cube Monsters as you can and fill the bar on the top right of your screen. Fill your meter without getting knocked out and you’re done with the quest.

Don’t mistake simple for easy. The requirements may be to eliminate Cube Monsters, but you will be in competition against other players. And if you underestimate them, Cube Monster will make quick work of you. Our best advice is to gain the best equipment you can before choosing to engage.

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