Genshin Impact: All Broken Monument Locations in Sumeru

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

Genshin Impact 3.0 is out now and players are currently scouting around different parts of the new map in Sumeru to seek out new areas to gather materials, explore hidden quests, and more. To make things more interesting and fun, new elemental monuments especially the broken ones were added in Genshin Impact, and thus, finding them will be a challenge for many players. We, of Sirus Gaming, have created a guide to help players find out where to find these broken monuments and how to unlock them.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

What Are Broken Dendro Monuments?

Broken Monuments are totem puzzles in Sumeru that needs to be repaired for Genshin Impact. To repair them, players will need the Vintage Lyre with the Rhythm of Revival which you can get from the Starry Night Chapter quest to repair broken dendro monuments.

All 9 Broken Dendro Monument Locations in Sumeru

There are a total of 9 broken monuments located around Sumeru. Each of them can be found in Mawtiyima Forest, Gandha Hill and in the Chatrakam Cave.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

1st Broken Monument Location

The 1st Broken Monument is found in the North of the Gandharva Ville Statue of the Seven. At the entrance of a cave found nearby, remove the ivy vines and the monument will appear.

2nd Broken Monument Location

The 2nd is nearby the 1st monument but players will need to find the Seelie and track it down. While tracking it, players will stumble upon the broken monument near Four-Leaf Sigil. Make sure to drain the water level to half for it work.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

3rd Broken Monument Location

The 3rd broken monument location is still withinn the vicinity where you used the Sigil of Four Leaves to pursue the Seelie. Drain the amount of water left in the tank.

4th Broken Monument Location

The 4th one is a bit far end of the cave. Head deep down near the exit of the cave and the broken monument will be found easily near the end road of the Gandha Hill roadside.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

5th Broken Monument Location

In the northern road area alongside the Gandha Hill, use the Four-Leaf Sigil nearby, then glide down near the Zohrah Mushroom and this will lower the water level of the cave where the 5th monument will appear.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

6th Broken Monument Location

North of the 5th monument location, head on a bit and the 6th Broken Monument can be found easily.

7th Broken Monument Location

Head straight to the eastern side of Mawtiyima Forest. Find a tall tree there and you can unlock the treasure chest directly in front of you including the 7th broken monument.

8th Broken Monument Location

The 8th broken monument is still located in the Mawtiyima Forest but this time at the west side. Players must look for the entrance of the unique watchtower in Mawtiyima Forest and the 8th broken monument of the Mawtiyima Forest can be found.

Genshin Impact All broken Monument Locations

9th Broken Monument Location

The final and 9th Broken Monument is found deep within the Chatrakam Cave. However, finding it is no small task players will need to go deeper and clim hidden paths to unlock it. To do so, first return to the the Barsam Flower Cave area after clearing the Agnihotra Sutra Risen Moon Chapter. From where the Barsam Flower used to be, go deeper into the cave and climb upwards till you find the the Four-Leaf Sigil and climb to the top. At that location, you will find 4 monuments in which 1 of them is broken.

How to Repair Broken Dendro Monuments in Genshin Impact

To repair the broken Dendro Monuments, you will require the Vintage Lyre with the Rhythm of Revival, which you can acquire by completing the Starry Night Chapter quest.
After obtaining the Rhythm of Revival, you will then be able to use the Vintage Lyre to fix broken Dendro Monuments and restore each to its previous glory. In order to do that the player will need to play the Vintage Lyre with the Rhythm of Revival next to the damaged monuments.

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