Genshin Impact The Millennial Mountains World Quest – Where to Find All Six Lost Offerings Locations

Find all Lost Offerings and acquire a very hefty treasure chest!

One of the many world quests in Genshin Impact is The Millennial Mountains World Quest where you are tasked to find six Lost Offerings in the new 2.6 update. There are a lot of new areas in Genshin Impact and that includes the fabled The Chasm region. Here is the complete guide on how you can unlock and trigger the quest, where to find all locations of the Lost Offerings, and the rewards you can reap after completing the quest.

Genshin Impact: How to Unlock The Millennial Mountains World Quest?

In order to unlock The Millennial Mountains World Quest, you should meet and talk to Wang, an NPC that is nearby The Chasm’s Maw. This will finally start the fetch quest of locating all Six Lost Offerings that is located all over The Chasm. By talking to the NPC, he will provide you with hints on where the locations should be.

Where are the Locations of the Six Lost Offerings in Genshin Impact?

The Six Lost Offerings that you need to fetch for Wang are:

  1. Flower of Farsight
  2. Skyfeather
  3. Sundial of Ages
  4. Helm of Warding
  5. Warrior’s Spear
  6. Cup of Commons

Flower of Farsight Location

The easiest of the Six Lost Offerings is the one that is located at Cinnabar Cliff called the Flower of Farsight. There is no puzzle to solve, which is the reason for being super easy. Just head to the location found on the map above.

Skyfeather Location

The second offering is the Skyfeather and its location is just on Glaze Peak, west of the Teleport Waypoint. Find a cliff where there is a pillar at its edge with a few birds flying around. Look for a bird’s nest just nearby the pillar and search it to find the key item.

Sundial of Ages Location

The Sundial of Ages can be found just west of the Teleport Waypoint of Fuao Vale. The key item is resting on a table but there is a Treasure Hoarder guarding it. Defeat the lone enemy, investigate the table, and claim the prize.

Helm of Warding Location

The Helm of Warding can be found inside The Chasm’s Maw wooden cabin. Enter the building to find a Seelie just waiting on the staircase. It will lead you to the Exquisite Chest. You will also see haystacks inside that can be ignited with bombs. Afterwards, it will reveal a hidden hole on the floor. Jump down and investigate it to find The Helm of Warding.

Warrior’s Spear Location

The Warrior’s Spear is actually nearby the NPC Questgiver Wang, which is just at Tiangong Gorge south of The Chasm’s Maw. Scale the cliff you find in this area and on top of it is the key item just plunged on the ground.

Cup of Commons Location

The Cup of Commons has a quest to complete first, which is Undetected Infiltration. If you cannot unlock that, the key item will not appear. To unlock the quest, you must first complete Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Quest.

After unlocking the required quest, you will need to go to Glaze Peak to find a group of Treasure Hoarders. Defeat them to unlock Undetected Infiltration quest.

Look for Yanbo at the Smuggler’s Camp and exhaust the dialogues.

Afterwards, go to the Logistics Camp that will have a marker on the map and just defeat the Treasure Hoarders. Now go back to the NPC who is now wearing a Millelith Uniform to complete the quest.

There will be a Precious Chest nearby after completing the quest. Inside it is the Cup of Commons key item.

There will be a Precious Chest nearby after completing the quest. Inside it is the Cup of Commons key item.

Where is the Stone Memorial Located?

After collecting all the key items needed, go back to Wang and talk to him. Offer all to the Memorial to finally complete the quest. It will open a secret entranceway just beneath it.

Millennial Mountains World Quest Rewards

The rewards for completing the Millennial Mountains World Quest quest in Genshin Impact are as follows:

  • Adventure EXP x 350
  • Primogems x 40
  • Hero’s Wit x 3
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6
  • Mora x 30,000

There will be a Luxurious Chest that will include various artifacts and there are other items as well. Talk to Wang to unlock the Wonders of the World achievement titled The Millelith Shall Never Be Moved.

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