All Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Gear & how to level them up

If you’re looking for the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed all gears list, you’re in the right place. It never hurts to be prepared especially when you’re busting ghosts. You’ll need all the equipment you can get your hands on in order to get the job done. This guide will show you all the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed gear and how to level them up.

All Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Gear list

Main Gear

  • Particle Thrower: Hand-held neutron wand that fires a positively charged ion stream, used to tether, hold, and pull a ghost into a trap.
  • Proton Pack: A powerful particle accelerator strapped to your back, this is what gives the Particle Thrower its juice.
  • P.K.E. Meter: Multi-Use tracking device used to find, flush, and stun ghosts.
  • Ghost Trap: Deployable battery-powered ghost trap. Throw out and stomp the pedal to expose the suction field.

Secondary Gear

  • VAD: The Vertical Ascension Device is a handheld pulley system that can be fired at designated vertical points to quickly pull you to higher heights. Brace your neck though, this thing has been known to cause some nasty whiplash.
  • Ionizer Pods: Small, throwable Ionizer Pods quickly disperse a large cloud of ionized particles into its vicinity shortly after attaching to a surface on impact. Ghosts caught in its cloud are significantly slowed until they can escape its effect.
  • Radar Puck: This battery-powered hybrid sonar device scans the area around it in quick bursts, beeping when something spectral has been detected in its vicinity. If a Ghost hits the detection field, the Radar Puck will provide specific feedback from their P.K.E. Signature.
  • Ecto Googles: Allows the detection of ghosts hiding in objects or possessing other people.

Those are all the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed gear. Your main gear or gadgets are already unlocked from the start, however, most of the secondary gear aside from the Vertical Ascension Device have to be unlocked.

To customize your gear, simply go to the alleyway or the second floor in Eddy’s office and interact with the toolsheds. This will pull up the Gear Customization menu where you’ll be able to see what gear you have unlocked.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed All Gear

Your main gear can be modified to perform better. By equipping certain components, you’ll make your gear stronger however these components have to first be unlocked. Your secondary gear however cannot be modified and are as good as they are.

How to Unlock All Gear in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed?

You unlock all the gear by leveling up both your character and your gear’s individual level in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed. Every single one of your gear levels up separately which includes your own ghost buster so unlocking the gears and their components can differ.

While your main gear are all unlocked from the beginning, the secondary gear have to be unlocked by progressing through your ghost buster’s level. However, when it comes to unlocking the main gear components, you have to level up that specific gear to a certain level before you’re able to equip it.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed All Gear Customization

For example, if you want the Heat Sink which increases Tether Control and Heat Generation you have to level up the Particle Thrower to Level 22. However, your P.K.E. Meter and Ghost Trap will be at different levels from your Particle Thrower and Proton Pack gear.

How to level up your Gear in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed

You level up your gear by continuing to use them in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed matches. Some gear are harder to level up than others. The Ghost Trap for example is more challenging to upgrade due to how difficult it can be to capture the ghost.

Upgrading your gear is a requirement for the Fully Upgraded, Skilled and Advancement trophies. If you’re looking to collect all the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophies, you’re going to want to put focus on improving your gear. Thankfully you can grind for experience by playing offline matches with bots instead of other players.

That’s our Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed All Gear and how to level them up guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more on Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed, you’re already in the right place.

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