Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophy guide & how to get Platinum

The Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophy list lets you prove yourself in the paranormal activities of a ghost buster. Do you think you have what it takes to earn all the achievements this game has to offer and prove yourself? This guide will give you the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophy list so you know what you’re in for and teach you how to acquire them.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Trophy Guide

Here are all the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophies:


  • Legendary Buster: Earn all other trophies


  • Meticulously Efficient: Bust a Ghost with less than 1,000 dollars worth of property damage


  • Legions: Capture 1 of each of the 5 Ghost Types
  • Catastrophic Destroyer: Do 5,000,000 Dollars of Career Property Damage
  • Fully Upgraded: Equip an upgrade to every slot of a piece of gear
  • Cultured: Complete a Job at each location
  • Master Collector: Find all secret clippings for every location
  • Ectoplasmic Entity: Fully haunt a location without getting captured once
  • Terrifying: Send 5 Civis to Horrified state within 10 seconds as ghost
  • Animated: Haunt 50 Objects in a single match
  • Season: Reach Profile Level 50


  • Rift Destroyer: Help Destroy 30 Rifts
  • Rift Seeker: Uncover 50 Rifts
  • Ghostbuster in Training: Capture 25 Ghosts
  • Pesky Jerks: Destroy 100 Minions
  • We Have the Best Insurance: Finish a Job with the location totalled
  • Reckless: Do 100,000 Dollars of Property damage in one Job
  • Liability: Do 1,000,000 Dollars of Career Property Damage
  • Clutch Capture: Capture a ghost with less than 30 seconds to spare on the clock
  • Teamwork: Pull a Ghost into a trap with a 4 person tether
  • Therapeutic: Calm down 100 civilians from Scared state
  • Discovery: Break open an artifact to reveal a Rift
  • Advancement: Equip an upgrade to a piece of gear
  • Mycophile: Collect all Spores, Molds, and Fungi in a location
  • Skilled: Fully Level up a piece of Gear
  • There You Are: PKE Blast Flush a Ghost out of hiding
  • Stunner: Stun a Ghost with your PKE Blast 25 Times
  • Collector: Find all location secret clippings for a single location
  • Welcome to the Crew: Unlock all story elements
  • I Collect Spores, Molds, and Fungi: Collect 500 Spores, Molds, and Fungi
  • Side Hustle: Fully Complete a Contract
  • Daily Dose: Complete a daily challenge
  • Vaporous Expansion: Unlock a Ghost class variant
  • Escape Artist: Break free from a 4 Buster tether
  • Ultimate Defense: Down all 4 Busters with an Ultimate ability 5 times
  • Diabolical: Sabotage the entire team of Buster’s Proton Packs in one match
  • Icing on the Cake: Pass Through a Buster to fully slime them down
  • Ghost Expert: Fully Level up a Ghost Class
  • Back Off: Down a buster that is reviving another buster
  • Summoner: Summon 100 minions
  • Surprise: Down a Buster within 10 seconds of exiting a wall phase
  • Tobin’s Prodigy: Fully Haunt 10 Locations as a Ghost
  • Line Em’ Up: Pass through all 4 busters within a 3 second window
  • Right Back at Ya: Break a tether and down the buster who tethered you within 10 seconds
  • Little Help Here: Horrify 50 Civilians with Minions
  • Fragile Panes: Destroy 150 Panes of Glass
  • Stylish: Equip an unlocked cosmetic item to your Buster

Hidden Trophies

  • Swift Rift Removers: Destroy all Ghost rifts within 5 minutes of the match start (Gold)
  • Solo Capture: Capture a Ghost all by yourself
  • Whoopsie: Destroy a very Expensive Object
  • I Don’t Need These: Detonate all 3 of your rifts during 1 match and still win
  • Rivalry: Down the same buster 5 times in a single match

This Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophy list has 52 trophies in total to collect. They can all be acquired offline since IllFonic’s Twitter account confirmed that the full game is playable without the need of internet connection despite its focus on multiplayer.

Playing offline is actually the fastest way to earn trophies in Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed. Our experience with the multiplayer PVP segment of the game was incredibly difficult in favor of the ghost. This makes solo plays with bots populating the lobby make earning these trophies easier.

However, some trophies can require cooperation in order to earn. AI teammates aren’t able to coordinate enough with you to get the Teamwork trophy which requires a four person tether. In this case, it’s best to have friends coordinating to earn the trophy.

Thankfully most of the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed trophies can be earned just by playing through the game and keeping in mind what you need to do to earn them. However there are trophies like Collector where you need to know where each clipping is located per location.

For the Welcome to the Crew trophy, you need to progress through the Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed story. You can do these by leveling up your character which unlocks story elements to complete.

Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Trophy Guide

That’s our Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Trophy Guide. We hope you found this article to be informative. For more Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed content, you’re already in the right place.

Check out this Youtube video from Shirrako who shows you the gameplay of Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed.

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