Remnant 2: How to get Ghostshell Mutator

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The epic between the Ravager and Doe continues as we tie some of the loose ends from our previous time with these Immortal beings. In our previous article, we talked about how we can get the Lifeless Heart relic. This time around we are going to talk about the Mutator from the sister statue found at the Widow’s Court, the Ghostshell Mutator.

To get this secret Mutator, we need to get the Red Doe Sigil and a quick trip to the Window’s Court.

How to get the Ghostshell Mutator in Remnant 2?

The first thing we need to do is to start a new Adventure mode in Yaesha. We want the campaign that starts in the Red Throne. Essentially, we want to make nice with the Red Empress. This is also what we covered when going after Ford’s Scattergun.

In short, leave a good initial impression on the Red Empress. Return to the Red Court after getting the Ornate Lockbox and key. (Do not open it under any circumstances.) Present the lockbox and the Red Empress will show her gratitude by bestowing upon you the Red Doe Sigil.

Now that you have the Red Doe Sigil in your possession. Let’s head back to the Widow’s Court to open up the secret chamber.

We’re looking for a tall building past the sinkhole in the courtyard. It is located at the right back of the compound just before entering the big door to the boss fight. Ascend the stairs and you’ll across a room that’s guarded by elite guards. Kill the guards and you are free to explore the room.

Wear the Red Doe Sigil while approaching the statue. The statue will react by showing you what a win for the Doe looks like after stabbing the Ravager square in the chest. After the statue has finished moving, a secret staircase will appear leading to a hidden chamber.

At the back of the chamber, you’ll find the quest item, Rotten Thaen Fruit. Don’t worry too much about the fruit. This time, we won’t need to consume it. (We’ve already consumed a Death Fruit, it can’t get any worse than that, can it?)

What to do with the Rotten Thaen Fruit?

The rotten Thaen Fruit is more than it seems. To uncover its secret, we’ll need to go into Inspection mode after choosing the fruit. Rotate the object around until you see this hole. (As pictured above.)

Keep turning it until you see the “Interact” prompt to get a closer look at the fruit. If you interact with the fruit, you’ll immediately receive the Ghostshell Mutator.

Ghostshell Mutator Details

After 3 consecutive Weakspot Hits, the mutator will increase the damage of the next Weakspot Hit by 20%. (Damage increases with each level.) This is perfect for single-shot sniper weapons where the user lives or dies after taking a single shot. It is worth noting that there is no time limit between shots. The Mutator will only reset after a miss.

This is also very useful in a high-damage build with an assault rifle where the user has good aim. Remember, you only need to get 3 consecutive Weakspot Hits. A feat that’s easily done with rapid-fire stable weapons platforms. (Results will vary though.)

If you’re going all-in on damage, you’ll want to get this mutator to level 10. At its most powerful, it increases Weakspt Critical Chance by 15%. That’s devasting amounts of damage for a sniper rifle.

And that’s everything we have when it comes to twin statues on Yaesha. Truly, this saga doesn’t look like it’s going to end anytime soon. Maybe we’ll have a more definite conclusion when Remnant 3 or 4 releases.

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