Ghostwire Tokyo Release Date Finally Revealed

March is the month of Ghostwire Tokyo!

A new Ghostwire Tokyo showcase was recently revealed by PlayStation and will air later with a YouTube description finally revealing the official Ghostwire Tokyo release date.

The game is set to launch on March 25, 2022 for PC and PS5. According to the description, players can now pre-order the game today for bonus content, which will include pre-order bonus outfits like the Biker and Hannya outfits.

Aside from the pre-order bonus outfits, there is also the Ghostwire: Tokyo Deluxe Edition. This will include the game, three days of early access, and three bonus content like the Shinobi Outfit, Kunai Weapon, and the Streetwear Fashion Pack.

Sony Interactive Entertainment clarified the early access feature is only available for the digital purchase of the Deluxe Edition for PS5 systems. Players will need to have an internet connection to download pre-order and Deluxe Edition digital content.

Ghostwire Tokyo launches on March 25, 2022. It will be available on PS5 and PC. Digital Deluxe Edition owners can try the game on March 22, 2022.