Godfall Challenger Edition Story Mode Upgrade Now Available for Purchase

Buy the rest of the game for a small price.

After its controversial reveal, Godfall Challenger Edition now has an option to upgrade with a Story Mode.

The Challenger Edition caused quite a stir recently after it was discovered that it would only include end game content and no story mode at all. Also, it was being offered for free for PlayStation Plus members, which at first made everyone happy, but then knew there was going to be a catch to this free game.

While it was good that it was offered for free, players who already claimed the Challenger Edition are not able to get the Ascended Edition, which was conveniently the full game, expansion, and bonus skins. This was now a problem and needed to be addressed.

This is where the Story Mode Upgrade comes in. According to its description, it is an upgrade to the Challenger Edition and will add all content included in the Deluxe Edition including the original campaign story content and the Fire and Darkness Expansion. Also the bonus skins perhaps.

PS Plus members can now upgrade with this add-on for only $15.00. Still, many players feel that they feel cheated with this free game as they were not offered a full game, but instead an incomplete one with only the end game available.

Godfall is now available on PS4, PS5, and PC.

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