Gustafa Heart Events in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

A complete guide for all SoSAWL Gustafa Heart Events

Triggering all of Gustafa Heart Events in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life will require that you know the ins and outs of where this wandering minstrel goes. You won’t be able to witness them unless you meet all of the requirements. And you’re going to want to do this fast as you only have until the end of Year 1 to see all of Gustafa Heart Events before they’re gone for good.

During these Heart Events, you’ll also be presented with certain dialogue options, that if chosen correctly, can lead you to becoming closer to Gustafa. Picking certain options can lead to Gustafa feeling worse towards you so you have to pick your choices correctly. These Heart Events are part of how to romance Gustafa.

Use this guide to learn all of Gustafa Heart Events, how to trigger them, and the best dialogue options.

Gustafa Heart Event 1

Gustafa Heart Event 1

  • 6AM to 4PM
  • Outside your farmhouse
  • 2 Heart Levels or more
  • You’ve already witnessed Gustafa’s introduction
  • Weather is sunny

This will take place between 6AM to 4 PM outside of your farmhouse. To trigger this Gustafa Heart Event, you need at least 2 Heart Levels which can be done by getting him the best gifts he’ll appreciate. The weather also has to be sunny.

This event is pretty simple to trigger once you meet all of the requirements. Just exit your farmhouse and you’ll meet Gustafa who’ll ask for a chat. Tell him you have the time and Gustafa will mention what he thinks about the weather. Agree with him and he’ll be happy to have a kindred spirit. Gustafa will offer to play you a song and tell him to go all the way which raises his affection.

Be careful as many other options during this Heart Event will decrease his affection for you. So long as you’re in an agreeable mood, Gustafa shouldn’t be hard to please.

Gustafa Heart Event 2

Gustafa Heart Event 2

  • 9 AM to 2 PM
  • Gustafa’s House w/ Gustafa inside
  • 4 Heart Levels or more
  • Witnessed Heart Event 1

This Heart Event will take place between 9AM to 2PM. It will trigger so long as you have 4 Heart Levels and witnessed the first Heart Even. Just enter Gustafa’s House while he’s inside.

Gustafa meets you in his home and asks if you want to play some music with him. Agree to it and then agree again when he asks for a casual conversation. He’ll then ask if it’s nice to be relaxing at home. Tell Gustafa you love it and then accept his offer to play a tune.

To make the best of this Heart Event, just don’t be dismissive towards Gustafa. Agree with him and be upbeat to earn his affection.

Gustafa Heart Event 3

Gustafa Heart Event 3

  • 6 AM to 4 PM
  • Outside your farmhouse
  • 6 Heart Levels or more
  • Witnessed previous Heart Events
  • During Autumn or Winter seasons
  • Weather is sunny

This Heart Event will take place during 6AM to 4PM. Just walk outside your farmhouse when you have 6 Heart Levels with Gustafa and witnessed the other Heart Events prior to this one. This will only be available during Autumn and Winter seasons which is nearly the end of Chapter 1. So long as the weather is sunny, this Gustafa Heart Event will trigger.

It’s easy to get Gustafa to like you even more for this Heart Event. Just keep agreeing with him. He’ll offer to join him for his walk, ask about how relaxing the waterfall is, and if you’d like to listen to his song.

As always, disagreeing with Gustafa on anything will lead to him lessening his affection for you. So long as you’re agreeable, this Heart Event is an opportunity to get closer to him.

Gustafa Heart Event 4

Gustafa Heart Event 4

  • 7 PM to 12 AM
  • Lei-Over Inn
  • 8 Heart Levels or more
  • Witnessed Heart Event 3
  • Autumn or Winter only
  • Weather is sunny

The last Gustafa Heart Event takes place during 7PM to 12AM. When you have 8 Heart Levels with Gustafa, walk to Lei-Over Inn and you’ll get a cutscene of Gustafa meeting with you. This has to take place when the weather is sunny and you’ve already witnessed all the prior Heart Events.

Just like before, just be agreeable with Gustafa and you’ll earn his affection. You’re pretty much close to fully romancing him at this point. In this Heart Event, Gustafa will ask you to have a drink with him. Afterwards, you’ll go outside stargazing. Tell him you need to think when he asks you what the stars are trying to tell him. Then agree when he offers to sing a duet.