Harvest Days Releases onto Steam Early Access Next Week

Kick back, unwind, and watch your dreams grow starting next week

Harvest Days is set to officially launch into Steam Early Acess next week on May 12th, 2022. The game invites you to carve out your own slice of paradise in a quiet corner of the world. The Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing-inspired farming sim is set to let players escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year in which the game raised more €18,800, players can expect to have everything in the base game plus 2 stretch goals including additional music and support for 13 languages and minigames.

You can watch the official gameplay trailer below:

About Harvest Days

Offering players the opportunity to take over a small forgotten farm and become one with nature, Harvest Days lets you manage animals, tend to your garden, harvest, trade your crops, go fishing or explore the charming open world by horseback. With deep but accessible gameplay, players are given complete creative freedom on how they choose to build their dream farm.

With gorgeous low-poly graphics and a sandbox environment, Harvest Days lets players relax as they grow their crops, expand their community and build their quaint surroundings. Whether that’s decorating their home, discovering all that the world has to offer, or just talking to your brand new neighbors, Harvest Days ensures it gives players complete control over how they expand their farm.

Harvest Days gameplay image

Work hard, manage your business wisely and your little farm might grow into a personal paradise, surrounded by boundless, untouched nature. Kick back, unwind, and watch your dreams grow. Are you ready to lead a new life and begin your Harvest Days?

Harvest Days is available to wishlist now on Steam and is set to release on Early Access on May 12th, 2022. Those eager to make a headstart on their farm can purchase the Digital Supporters Pack which includes a digital guide, calendar, unique wallpaper, an additional outfit, and 10 premium seeds.

Source: Press Release