Hazelight’s rom-com game, It Takes Two, is now out

Electronic Arts and Hazelight are proud to announce the release of another co-op epic, It Takes Two, today.

Josef Fares, the CEO and game director over at Hazelight, stated that the game is a “real game-changer” in the co-op genre. Electronic Arts’ Senior Vice President 3rd Party & Development, Steve Pointon, said they’re happy to have worked with Hazelight on this amazing project in a press release.

Check out the “We’re Better Together” trailer:

What is It Takes Two about?

It Takes Two is a co-op action-adventure rom-com game developed by Hazelight. As players try to untangle the complicated web Cody and May are trapped in thanks to a magic spell that turns them into dolls, they’ll encounter ridiculous challenges around every corner. The unpredictable nature of each level will bring players through a uniquely metaphorical gameplay experience that tells a universal story of relationships, as Cody and May must work together to save their fractured marriage on the brink of divorce. Whether it’s vacuum cleaners on the loose, suave love gurus with lots of opinions or a night club in desperate need of a DJ, obstacles will pop up around every corner, making for some hilariously heartfelt moments.  

Do I need to buy another copy of the game to play with friends?

It Takes Two offers players great value as it comes with a Friend’s Pass, where they can invite a friend to play with them for free. Players can also try out the entire first level of the game with the Friend’s Pass Free Trial, which can be downloaded separately from the main game. Then after the trial ends, only one player will need to purchase the full game to continue playing.

Hazelight, who are they?

Aside from the infamous line of its CEO “F” the Oscars? Hazelight is an award-winning independent game development studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded in 2014 by Josef Fares, film director and creator of the award-winning game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Hazelight continues to push gaming into new uncharted waters with their unique way of weaving story and gameplay together. In 2018, Hazelight released the BAFTA award-winning A Way Out, the first ever co-op only third person action-adventure, as part of the EA Originals label.

Is It Takes Two a good game?

Definitely! You can check our review here.

It Takes Two is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC for only USD $39.99.