Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest Guide: How to Open Eye Chests

This guide will teach you a simple trick for opening eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest featured

The Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests are determined to put a stop to kleptomaniac heroes like you, who seem to pilfer every invaluable item in the wizard school not nailed down to the ground. Even if everyone, faculty included, doesn’t seem to care if you pick up whatever you want, eyeball chests will close shut the moment they see you coming. This makes getting the rewards from inside the eyeball chests all the more satisfying once you learn how to open them.

Read ahead as we explain how you can open eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to open chests with eyeballs in Hogwarts Legacy?

You need to use the Disillusionment charm in order to sneak past the eyeball chests’ field of view and open them. This will turn you invisible so the chest doesn’t see you coming close which allows you to open and loot what’s inside before it can close. You need to cast the charm when you’re at a good distance so that the chest doesn’t lock you out.

If the eyeball chests do see you and clam up, simply walk away until you’re far enough for the chest to close its eyeball again. You can now cast the Disillusionment charm and approach it again. Once that eyeball chest’s eyes are open, it’ll follow you around and will lock you out which is why you need to get out of its range.

How to unlock the Disillusionment charm in Hogwarts Legacy?

The Disillusionment charm can be unlocked by progressing through the ‘Secrets of the Restricted Section’ main quest and learning it from Sebastian Sallow. This is the spell you use to sneak past enemies in order to take them out quietly. You can use Invisibility Potions for the same effect, but they’ll cost you Galleon unlike the charm, which is free and unmissable. So we recommend just waiting until you progress far enough into the story.

Hogwarts Legacy - How to Open Eyeball Chests

Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest Rewards

The Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests each contain 500 Galleons, which makes them worth the effort of looting each time you come across one. They’re one of the best ways to earn currency in the game, so you can purchase potions, wands, cosmetics, and other items over at Hogsmeade.

That’s how to open the Hogwarts Legacy eyeball chests. We hope this guide helped you get a little richer in the wizarding world. Also, be sure to check out our other Hogwarts Legacy articles here.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PS4 and Xbox One.