How long to beat Dead Island 2?

Details regarding the Dead Island 2 game length.

This guide will show you how long to beat Dead Island 2. With such a big step forward and a long development time, Dead Island 2 is finally upon us. Considering that it’s been almost 10 years since the game was announced, you’d expect a really long game filled with tons of quests, side missions, and other collectibles to find.

Read on as we talk about the game’s length and how long it takes to beat Dead Island 2 on average.

How long to beat Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 will take around 20 hours to beat the main campaign on an average playthrough. This includes completing the main story, side quests, and some exploration around the game’s open areas for interesting collectibles.

We got the chance to play Dead Island 2 early thanks to a review copy from Deep Silver. The game itself isn’t that long when compared to other games of its genre, but there is a lot of replayability value. Thanks to being able to pick between six different protagonists who all have their own unique skills and personalities, you’ll most likely go back to see how a different character would suit you.

However you can stay after playing through the main campaign as there are still plenty to do. You can go ahead and play with your friends in a party of three to help them with their progress. Those who want to complete everything the game has to offer and 100% the game will take even longer.

How long to beat Dead Island 2

While Dead Island 2 is described as an open world, it’s really more of open sized sandboxes that are connected with each other. You do get some incentive to explore if you want new weapons and to discover secrets but you’ll most likely sway towards the main path in no time.

That’s how long to beat Dead Island 2. We hope this guide was informative. You can check out our Dead Island 2 – Review for our thoughts on the game.