How Many Chapters in One Piece Odyssey?

One Piece Odyssey chapter list and side stories.

The Straw Hats have to journey through the mysterious island of Waford in order to get their powers back. Throughout the many chapters in One Piece Odyssey, you’ll be talking to new and familiar faces alike to find out more about the circumstances that Luffy and the crew find themselves in. This article will show you how many chapters there are in One Piece Odyssey and the side stories you can take in them.

One Piece Odyssey Chapters List

  • Chapter One – Island of Storms
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 1
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 2
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 3
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 4
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 5
    • Side Story: Waford Memory 6
  • Chapter Two – Memories of the Desert Kingdom, Alabasta
    • Side Story: Madam Julie’s Disciple 1
    • Side Story: Madam Julie’s Disciple 2
    • Side Story: Madam Julie’s Disciple 3
    • Side Story: Master-Apprentice Confrontation
    • Side Story: Request a Brokerage Margin
    • Side Story: Hungry Pekonavi Bird
    • Side Story: More Important Berries
    • Side Story: Behind the Scenes of Pine Trees
    • Side Story: Master-Apprentice Confrontation Again
    • Side Story: Great Routes Quiz Kids Class 1
    • Side Story: Great Routes Quiz Kids Class 2
    • Side Story: Great Routes Quiz Kids Class 3
    • Side Story: The Last Master-Apprentice Showdown
    • Side Story: Night Slayer
    • Side Story: Battlefield Delivery Man
    • Side Story: Matsuge’s Enlistment Situation
    • Side Story: Skilled Doctor
    • Side Story: The Tea has a Thorny Taste
    • Side Story: Dance Practice
  • Chapter Three – The Wind Colossus and Ruins
  • Chapter Four – Exploring Water Seven, City on the Sea
  • Chapter Five – Water Colossus and Ice Block Ruins
  • Chapter Six – Paramount Bar: Battle of Marineford
  • Chapter Seven – Assemble! Straw Hat Pirates
  • Chapter Eight – Kingdom in Conflict: Battle of Dressrosa
  • Chapter Nine – What those Hands can Grasp

There are a total of nine chapters in One Piece Odyssey. Each chapters have their own side stories available that you can take on away from the main story quest.

We'll update this article once we have the full list of side stories in One Piece Odyssey. 

One Piece Odyssey is an open world JRPG game that allows you to go back to locations you’ve already visited. So if you missed any of the side stories that were available in a specific chapter, you won’t be locked out of completing them. Don’t worry about missing any trophies from completing all the side quests.

Each chapter upon completion will award you with a trophy which is important if you want to 100% the game. Our One Piece Odyssey Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum will show you all the trophies that are available in the game. It’s also important to complete all the Side Stories in each chapter to get the Pit Stop Pro trophy.

How many chapters in One Piece Odyssey?

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