High On Life Boss Guide: How to Beat Skrendel Bros

High On Life Skrendel Bros cover

The Skrendel Bros are the fourth boss that players will have to face in High On Life. They are a trio of siblings who have distinct fighting moves and can coordinate with each other to combine into one fighting unit.

In this guide, we will be talking about strategies on how to defeat the Skrendel Bros in High On Life.

How to Beat Skrendel Bros in High On Life?

You’ll first encounter each of the Skrendel Bros starting from Jonathan, Angela, Mona, and then end up fighting all three of them at once. Most of their attacks have wide hit ranges that can cover almost the entire arena and rarely do they hit with melee attacks. Listed below are their attacks and how to evade or counter them.

Skrendel Bros Moves:

  • Jonathan’s Elbow Drop – Jonathan jumps high and then drops leading with an elbow to the ground, sending out a ring of sludge that crawl outwards. Jump over the rings to avoid getting hit.
  • Jonathan’s Smoke Rings – Jonathan shoots out rings of smoke at your direction. During Bro-Tron mode, it would be easier to go through the rings while being closer to Jonathan as these rings shrink as they move forward.
  • Angela’s Spit Spray – Angela spits out sludge in a buckshot fashion. Use the crates in the area as a cover once Angela starts shooting.
  • Mona’s Spin Attack – Mona spins around while sliding around the arena and sending out blobs of sludge all around. It’s quite challenging to avoid the blobs, but try to move opposite to where it’s going where the area is clear.

Once Mona has been defeated, all bros will gather together and combine into Bro-Tron who has stronger attacks and combos that seem to be a mixture of all the bros’ moves. After dealing enough damage to Bro-Tron, it will disassemble, allowing you to deal damage to each bro.

At this point, each bro will have their own HP bar and you will need to concentrate your attacks on one bro to kill them. After killing one, the remaining two will recombine and you have to fight two-thirds of Bro-Tron again. After disassembling the second time, you can then kill both remaining bros and finish the fight.

Bro-Tron Move:

  • Sludge Ring – Bro-Tron jumps around and sends out sludge rings on the ground. These rings are higher than what Jonathan can send out, so use your super jump to clear these rings.
  • Sludge Tornado – Bro-Tron sends out columns of sludge tornado around it and then sends them outwards. Position yourself in between the columns to avoid getting hit.

Skrendel Bros Strategies:

  • Because of how fast Bro-Tron moves, using Creature as your gun of choice works well as his kids can home in on the boss and deal tick damage. This works on the individual bros as well.
  • Concentrate on one bro first to take them out early and lessen the amount of attacks that you have to avoid.

Once the fight is over, you’ll receive the Who’s The Boss? achievement.

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