How to Complete the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event

A Complete Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event Walkthrough

Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event Guide

The Holiday Event 2023 in Phasmophobia for the Christmas season is up! Kinetic Games gives us another scavenger hunt that takes place in multiple different levels of the game but this time with a Christmas twist.

Completing the Phasmophobia 2023 Holiday Event is rather straightforward but it is lengthy when compared before. Phasmophobia’s Christmas Holiday Event ends on the 1st of January, 2024 at 12am. You have a limited timeframe to complete the event and there’s a lot to do. In this guide, I’ll be giving you a walkthrough of how to complete the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event.

What to do in Christmas Holiday Event 2023 in Phasmophobia?

To successfully complete the Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event, start by exploring the Sunny Meadows Asylum to gather three mysterious parts. These parts are required to get the snowball gun needed to shoot the dancing snowmen scattered across seven different maps. Once you’ve obtained the mysterious parts, you’ll automatically receive four snowball guns, ensuring each member of your team is equipped. The snowmen remain stationary, making it relatively straightforward to just shoot a total of 277 snowmen spread across the various maps. You can opt for any difficulty level to complete the event, and for a more relaxed experience, consider custom settings with Friendly-ghost mode to prevent ghost hunts. By successfully completing the event, you’ll earn permanent rewards to celebrate the holiday season in Phasmophobia.

All Sunny Meadows mysterious part locations for Phasmophobia Holiday event 2023

The good news is that you can find the three mysterious parts for the Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event 2023 just by picking them up, and they’re all on one map. The bad news is that the map is the Sunny Meadows Asylum, a notoriously massive map that’s easy to get lost on.

When voting for a contract, you’ll see pictures of the available maps pinned to the board. The Sunny Meadows is at the bottom and has an image of what looks like a toy gun next to it. Make sure to select Sunny Meadows and not Sunny Meadows Restricted.

Here a map I made that shows you the best route you can follow to get the mysterious parts fast:

Map: Sunny Meadows mysterious part locations Phasmophobia Holiday 2023
First Floor
Map: Sunny Meadows 3rd mysterious part location Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 event
Basement Level

Mysterious part #1: Courtyard

After entering the door from the hallway connected to the courtyard, take a left just before reaching the door to the east wing. Enter the first door on your left, and this should lead you to the courtyard in the center of the map.

In the courtyard, look to your right, where you’ll find a snowman pointing to a bench. On that bench, you should see a blue cylinder object. Pick up this blue cylinder, as it is identified as the first mysterious part in this area.

Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday 2023 first mysterious part location

Mysterious part #2: West bathroom

After leaving the courtyard through the opposite door, you’ll be in a hallway on the left side. Go left and keep going straight until you reach the end of the hall. Take the right door to enter the west wing. In the west wing hallway, you’ll see many scattered bookshelves. Move around them until you reach the second-to-last room on your right, a male bathroom, as indicated on the map above.

Inside the bathroom, you will find a snowman with its arms extended as if offering you an item. Your next task is to pick up the item offered by the snowman. This item is identified as the second mysterious part.

Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday 2023 second mysterious part location

Next, go to the room next to the bathroom you’re in. This will take you to a staircase leading to the basement level. What you’re going to do once you reach the bottom is simple: enter the door leading to the hallway and just run left to the end of the hall until you reach the near other side.

At the opposite hallway on the east wing of the basement, you’ll eventually run into a snowman that is pointing to a room. There is some blood on the floor near the snowman. Follow the direction that the snowman is pointing. This will lead you to a door with blood on it.

Enter the room and you’ll find a bathtub filled with blood (or hopefully just red paint) inside. There is a yellow item in the center of it; pick it up. This is the third mysterious item.

Mysterious part #3: West bathroom

Outside the bathroom, go down the flight of stairs. Once you reach the basement, go through the door leading to the hallway and run left until you reach the far opposite end. You’ll encounter a snowman pointing to a room, and there will be blood on the floor near the snowman. Follow the direction indicated by the snowman, leading you to a door with blood on it.

Upon entering the room, you’ll discover a bathtub filled with blood (or hopefully red paint) inside. In the center of the bathtub, there is a yellow item that you need to pick up. This yellow item is identified as the final and third mysterious part.

Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday 2023 third mysterious part

After you’ve collected all 3 mysterious items, all that’s left is to leave. Exit the building and go back to the van. Look at the monitor and make sure that it shows 3/3 on the indicator that you found all three items. Once you’ve confirmed that close the van door to do a proper extraction.

Tip: It’s best to extract via van instead of quitting (leave game) so you can confirm if you found all three items correctly. Otherwise you might have to come back again.

Once you’re back at the lobby, look at the mission board. You should see a skull icon on the Sunny Meadows map. This indicates that you’ve found all three mysterious parts. The next step in completing the Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event is to destroy the dancing snowmen.

Once you start a new map, you will see fully assembled snowball guns on the table in the van (see picture below) that you will use to shoot all dancing snowmen.

Snowball guns

Where to Find all Dancing Snowmen in Phasmophobia Christmas Holiday Event 2023

There are seven maps that have a different number of dancing snowmen for you to destroy:

In the lobby, you can see which maps have the dancing snowmen in it when voting for which map to play. They’ll have an icon of a snowman at the bottom right of the picture pinned to the board.

Phasmophobia Holiday Event 2023 Rewards

Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Event trophy
Phasmophobia Holiday 2023 Trophy

Once you’ve destroyed all dancing snowmen, you’ll get a Snowball Gun Trophy which will be displayed on the case back in your lobby. You will also get a new player badge to show off to your friends.