How to Defeat Legion in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Legion cover image

Legion is a wake-up call boss that will make you realize that Remnant 2 is starting to get serious. You’ll encounter this boss early in the game and be quickly surprised by how tough it is. With proper preparation, you can beat the Legion with ease, so we made this guide to teach you all you need to know to make this boss fight easy.

How to Beat Legion

Here are the best ways to beat the Legion in Remnant 2:

  • Unleash Bullets When Glowing – Save your bullets for until it glows because that’s when it’s most vulnerable. You can damage it while it isn’t but you’ll barely deal any. Watch out because it inflict Madness while in this state.
  • Shoot the Circle – The real foe you’re fighting is that floating circle that will move throughout the boss arena. Don’t bother shooting the creature sitting on the throne.
  • Dodge Shockwave – Legion’s biggest danger is its shockwave attack which strikes fast and hard but it does have an audible indicator before it strikes. You can dodge roll to avoid this. This also comes with Legion summoning additional enemies.
  • Focus on Enemies – When Legion summons enemies, it’s best to focus on getting rid of them first before fighting the boss.

The Legion is a boss fight where you have to fight against it while dealing with its minions. It’s best to focus on eliminating them first before engaging Legion again. They can really sneak up on you and deal damage when you’re not looking. Once you’ve cleared them out or at least far away from them, you can focus fire on Legion.

When Legion isn’t glowing, your bullets will deal less damage towards it. You’ll deal more damage to it when it is glowing. The trade off is that it will fire orbs that track you when it is that will inflict a Madness effect. A few hits isn’t problematic but if you’re filled up with too much Madness you’ll take damage each second.

Be aware of what boss modifiers Legion has. If you’re fighting it on harder difficulties, it might have more than one. You might see it with increased damage if it has Vicious or an extra defense against elemental attacks if it has Elemental Defense.