Remnant 2 Boss Modifiers

What do boss modifiers do in Remnant 2? Here's everything you need to know.

Remnant 2 boss modifiers cover image

If you thought boss fights were tough, Remnant 2 has boss modifiers that make the fight more difficult. These give bosses you encounter a random buff that gives them an extra condition, such as healing when you heal. This changes the way you approach certain bosses depending on what kind of boss modifiers they have. Read on as we show you what boss modifiers mean in Remnant 2.

Boss Modifiers in Remnant 2

Here’s a list of boss modifiers in Remnant 2:

  • Drain: Boss can leech health
  • Elemental Resist: Boss has resistance against elemental attacks
  • Empathy: Boss heals when you use a Relic
  • Enchanter: Boss casts rot explosion on you during regular times in the fight
  • Hearty: Boss has an increased health and defense
  • Regenerator: Boss will regain their HP
  • Skullcracker: Boss has an increased stagger on their attacks
  • Spiteful: Boss deals more damage the less health they have
  • Unstoppable: Boss can’t be staggered
  • Vicious: Boss has an increased attack damage

Boss modifiers give the bosses in Remnant 2 a random buff that makes them more difficult to take down. Each boss you encounter has one, and you can see the modifier they have under their name plates. There are bosses that have multiple modifiers so they aren’t limited to just strictly one.

Some of these modifiers can simply make a boss fight longer than it should be, such as the Hearty, which makes the boss you’re fighting more of a bullet sponge. However, others, like Skullcracker, can be particularly frustrating, as some bosses can easily put you in a stun lock if you’re not careful. You should change your approach depending on what boss modifier is active for the particular boss you’re facing.

Because some bosses may spawn at random, it’s impossible to predict what modifier they have in Remnant 2. You’ll have to adapt to the situation based on the particular condition. If a boss has Empath, avoid using your Relic as it will heal when you do. Instead, Empath will not trigger if you use other healing items not tied to a Relic. This makes the Medic archetype a difficult class to run for that particular boss fight.

Due to Remnant 2 being new, we might see more boss modifiers in the future. We’ll be sure to update this article if we find any more.