How to Equip More Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

Even with all the spells you can learn, you don’t have room for all of them so you’ll want to learn how to equip more spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Having more spells on the fly will help you deal with the various unique enemy types in the game. Here’s a guide for Hogwarts Legacy that shows you how to equip more spells.

How to Equip More Spells in Hogwarts Legacy?

You can equip more spells in Hogwarts Legacy by unlocking more spell sets. This is done through the Talents menu by investing talent points you earn on the Core branch which offers spell sets to unlock.

You start with only one spell set but you can unlock more as you invest more talent points. Hogwarts Legacy allows up to four spell sets, which you can switch in-between at anytime during combat. Each spell set has four slots that you can put any of the Hogwarts Legacy spells you’ve unlocked.

This is most helpful, especially since in every spell you cast, the spell will go through a cooldown period, as indicated by the meter on the lower right corner of the screen. Some spells take longer than others before you can cast them again after their cooldown period has passed.

While spells are on cooldown you can simply hold R2 / RT and then use the D-Pad to quickly switch between loadouts, given that you have already unlocked additional spell slots, so you can use more spells.

Equip More Spells in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s up to you to figure out which are the best spells to equip in Hogwarts Legacy. You’ll have limited slots though so you have to pick favorites.

That’s how to equip more spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out this Youtube video from JorRaptor showing you which talents are the best to get early on.