How to Find Dr. Upshot’s Office in Gotham Knights

Finding Dr. Upshot’s Office in Gotham Knights will be one of the objectives you’ll eventually encounter as you solve FR01: Mr. Freeze’s Case file 1.3 – Quartz Lab. This isn’t one of Gotham Knight’s puzzles that you have to solve. However, this might put new player’s progress to a halt since it’s a bit tricky to find. As such, this guide will show you a complete walkthrough on How to Find Dr. Upshot’s Office in Gotham Knights, so read on.

How to Find Dr. Upshot’s Office? (Case File 1.3)

After you’ve defeated Mr. Freeze’s regulator cronies, you’ll eventually be tasked to locate Dr. Upshot’s Office.

This is smack dab in the midst of the area where you fought with regulators.  There should be a yellow staircase leading upwards on your right. If you get to the top and turn left, the door should open up as you go near it.

Proceed inside to finish the objective; your next task will likely include locating the Disruptor and you’re done. Solving this Case File will earn you the Quartzer Life Crisis (Bronze) Trophy Achievement.

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