Gotham Knights – All Gotham City Street Art Locations

Learn how to find all Gotham City Street Arts in Gotham Knights

Gotham City Street Arts are one of the collectibles that players can look out for throughout WB Montreal’s new co-op action-adventure game, Gotham Knights.

The art designs are made possible with the efforts of exceptional concept artists, and you’ll eventually find these murals on different sections of the map as you progress through the game. Some are easy to spot, while others will require more time and effort. As such, this guide will list down all the Gotham City Street Art locations in Gotham Knights, so read on.

Where to Find All Gotham City Street Art Collectibles

To find Street Arts in Gotham Knights, you’ll need to activate your AR Scanner since they won’t show up on your Batcomputer. Scanning a Street art reveals orange outlines. Once you’ve located one, you can analyze the street art by pointing and holding the AR scanner at it. See the images below for reference.

As such, there are a total of 12 Street Arts scattered throughout Gotham City, which are as follows:

  • Lyceum Mural
  • See Us
  • Faces of Gotham
  • A Green Gotham
  • GCU
  • Simpler Times
  • Origins of Evil
  • The March of Crabs
  • Stolen Gotham
  • Born This Way
  • Our Friend Joel
  • Gotham Piers

Lyceum Mural

  • Artist: Unknown
  • Location: Found in the Bowery, near the south end of Robbin Bridge.
  • Description: An homage to The Bowery’s history as a theater & entertainment district.

See Us

  • Artist: VStone
  • Location: Found in Bristol. Southwest of the fast travel point, next to a basketball court.
  • Description: Commissioned by The Black Moment Collective to celebrate local activists.

Faces of Gotham

  • Artist: Tag Bae
  • Location: Found in The Cauldron. Under the Third Street Bridge, across The Smiling Croissant Pastry Shop.
  • Description: Celebrating the Cauldron’s history as a welcoming neighborhood for new immigrants to Gotham.

A Green Gotham

  • Artist: Krue Tuesday
  • Location: Found in Financial District. East of the fast travel point, viewable along the railway.
  • Description: An activist peace calling on Gotham to invest in green energy.


  • Artist: Roman
  • Location: Found along Bridge Lane Street in Gotham Heights, south of the fast travel point.
  • Description: A celebration of Gotham City University. Maybe the artist is enrolled there.

Simpler Times

  • Artist: DiceXL
  • Location: Found along Rosserie Street in Old Gotham. Northeast of the fast travel point.
  • Description: An homage to what some consider Gotham’s heyday.

Origins of Evil

  • Artist: Flanagan 2.0
  • Location: Found along Gardner Street in Otisburg. Southeast of Wayne Tower.
  • Description: A protest mural showcasing the horrors created by Gotham’s poorly-regulated chemical industry.

The March of Crabs

  • Artist: JoHo
  • Location: Found under Chambers Street’s bridge in Robinson Park, near the globe statue.
  • Description: Crabs, like Gothamites, are incredibly resilient, able to withstand seemingly any storm.

Stolen Gotham

  • Artist: Ms. Soule
  • Location: West of Diangelo Avenue in The Cauldron, next to a parking lot.
  • Description: A Miagani leader watches as Gotham’s industrialization eclipses their way of life.

Born This Way

  • Artist: Monique Q
  • Location: Found along the road in West End, in between Grant Lane and Croydon Avenue.
  • Description: Commissioned for Pride Gotham a few years back.

Our Friend Joel

  • Artist: Jose Holder
  • Location: Found in West end, on top of the building between Coventry Street and North Madison Street, near Chelsea Tunnel.
  • Description: Memorial for father, husband, coach, and friend Joel Bloomer. Commissioned by his team, who miss him dearly.

Gotham Piers

  • Artist: The Catburglar
  • Location: Found in Tricorner Island, the building between Hawkins Avenue and St. Adrian Avenue.
  • Description: A tribute to the dock workers of Gotham.
Collecting all 12 Gotham City Street Art will unlock the Claiming the Mural High Ground (Bronze) trophy achievement.

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