How to Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Have you tried burying eel guts?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut cover

Coconuts are one of the ingredients that can be used for cooking dishes in Dreamlight Valley. However, this tree dubbed as the “Tree of Life” is nowhere to be found in the Valley nor on its shores. For this, we will need the help of a demigod; the process does not make sense, but it works.

In this guide, we will talk about how to get Coconuts and Coconut Trees in Disney Dreamligh Valley.

How to Get Coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Coconuts can be obtained once Maui has been invited over to live in the village and completing his first quest. Here’s a guide on how to unlock Maui. Once Maui is in the village, raise your friendship level with him to level 2 and he will make the quest called “Burying the Eel” available for you.

Step 1: Get some help from Goofy

After speaking to Maui about the quest, he will then tell you to talk to Goofy to get some advice on how to get an eel. Goofy will then tell you that you need to craft a fishing trap and set it near the dock in order to catch an eel. To craft a fishing trap, you will need the following materials:

  • x3 Worms
  • x8 Softwood

Step 2: Gather the materials to craft the fishing trap

To find worms, head to the Peaceful Meadow and look for the digging spots on the ground near the ponds. Use your shovel to dig out this spots and you will have the chance to get a worm. Continue doing this until you get 3 worms.

As for the needed softwood, you can gather the material around the trees within the Plaza or the Peaceful Meadow. Then, craft the fishing trap from the Furniture category of a crafting station.

Step 3: Place the fishing trap near the dock and fish out the eel

Head to Dazzle Beach and place the trap in the waters near the dock. Then, wait for a few moments and a golden ripple should appear near the fishing trap. Whip out your fishing rod and catch the fish from this ripple and you should get the eel. Once you have the eel, talk to Maui once more and show your catch to him.

Step 4: Bury the eel at the beach

Just like the legends, Maui will tell you to bury the eel on the beach to grow coconuts. Thankfully, you don’t need to mess with eel guts; just dig a hole at the beach and plant the eel in the ground. Don’t forget to water the plant and a coconut tree full of coconuts should sprout after a few moments. Harvest the coconuts and bring them over to Maui to complete the quest.

After this quest, other coconut trees should start appearing on the shores of the beach.

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