How to Get Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 Guide

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The Sweet Sorrow is a 720 RPM Arc Auto Rifle that deceptively has a longer range than it would have us believe. It was first offered during the Season of the Risen aka Season 16 of Destiny 2. In this How to Get Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 guide, we’ll tell how to get the weapon from Season 21 and beyond. We’ll also tell how you can get the deepsight versions so you can craft your own 5/5 god roll at your own leisure.

With the coming changes to the Immortal and aggressive frame SMGs in general, Sweet Sorrow is poised to take a huge leap in pick rate. It makes sense considering that the weapon already has the ease of use of an SMG and can be used in some close-quarter encounters.

That’s what we’re predicting it’s possible that the Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 auto rifle meta can go away as quickly as the recent “sidearm meta”. Until the dust settles down, we’re not calling anything until we know for certain that’s where the community is leaning towards.

How to Get Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2

The only way to get the Sweet Sorrow in Season 20 is to wait for it to become available when Banshee-44 or Xur is selling it. Banshee has a fixed weekly instance of the weapon in rotation and another set that constantly changes on a near-daily basis. Xur’s offerings are a little harder to pin down, however. Though he sells last year’s seasonal weapons, you cannot tell from which season they are going to be pulled.

It should be said right now, as of the writing of this article, there is currently no way to unlock the crafting pattern for the Sweet Sorrow Auto Rifle. The last time it was available was in the closing month of the Witch Queen DLC where all the Deepsight weapons could be crafted at the HELM. No worries though, Bungie has a plan for future deepsight crafting.

Starting in Season 21, Bungie will implement a new system called, Deepsight Activation, AKA “manual Deepsight”.

This feature allows players to selectively apply Deepsight to a weapon with a pattern available to unlock. This only applies to weapons not previously rolled with Deepsight and are valid for Deepsight activation. It should be noted that Deepsight can’t be activated on the same weapon instance multiple times.

Bungie has also stated that this will be a tightly controlled economy. You will be given 3 Deepsight Activation Currency in the free track of the Season pass with an additional 3 more in the paid track of the Season pass. For raid weapons, it is expected that you will have to add Spoils of Conquest on top of Deepsight Activation.

So what does this mean for the Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 auto rifle?

When the new season arrives, you’ll be able to get the new Deepsight currency. To get the weapon pattern for the gun, you’ll have to get five instances (maybe 3?) of the Sweet Sorrow auto rifle. Before all though, you need to get those instances and store in your vault starting today. When the time comes, you’ll be able to apply the currency to them and that’s when you can extract the pattern to craft your own Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 auto rifle.

But here’s the rub. You’ll need to stay up to date with what Banshee is selling on a daily basis. From what we can tell, the daily offerings change out at least after 12 hours or so after the daily reset. At least that’s what it feels like to us. Maybe not risk it. There are also apps that you can look at like so that you don’t have to be in the game to look at the wares.

And that’s everything we have on this How to Get Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 guide. Hopefully, this information was useful to you in some shape or form. Until next time, and good luck still in the Guardian Games 2023!

Check out this video from Youtuber Destiny Fun Police where he shows off the potential of a fully crafted Sweet Sorrow Destiny 2 auto rifle in PvP.