How to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy

How to find Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy?

How to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy featured

With the revelation that Patronus charms won’t be in the game, players are asking if they can go to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy. This infamous prison that holds detainees by the Ministry of Magic is filled with Dementors, one of the most dangerous Dark creatures in the wizarding world. There is a way to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy but only if you meet the requirements.

How to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy?

The only way to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy is by joining the Hufflepuff house in the beginning of the game. This will get you the Hufflepuff exclusive quest Prisoner of Love later when you’re level 5 which takes you to Azkaban.

When you get to level 5 as a Hufflepuff, you’ll receive a message by owl from Lenora Everleigh. She’ll ask you to speak with the portrait of Eldritch Diggory who used to be part of the Ministry of Magic. He can be found in the Hufflepuff common room. You will then be sent to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy to finish the Prisoner of Love quest.

This is your only chance to get to Azkaban on Hogwarts Legacy. After the Prisoner of Love quest, there’s no way to go back to the location.

Prisoner of Love Quest Walkthrough

Once you receive the message from Lenora Everleigh, return to the Hufflepuff common room and speak with the portrait of Eldritch Diggory. He’ll introduce himself to you as a former Minister for Magic and the founder of the Auror Recruitment Programme which is why he’s asking for your help in releasing a wrongly imprisoned suspect in Azkaban.

Eldritch Diggory, Prisoner of Love Quest

Eldritch will send you to his great-niece, Helen Thistlewood, who can be found in Upper Hogsfield. You can take your time to ask Eldritch some questions before heading over.

Once you head over to Hogsfield, speak with Helen and she’ll tell you more about the case. It turns out that Anne, the suspect in question, may be innocent of the murder she was accused of. Helen asks for your help in solving a puzzle to clear Anne’s name.

After your conversation with Helen, you’ll both appear in Azkaban. In a cutscene, Dementors will attack before Helen drives them away with a Patronus charm. You’ll be able to walk through a large hall in Azkaban for a bit alongside Helen.

Azkaban in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you reach the end of the hall, a cutscene will trigger where you can talk to Anne. She’ll give you hints on what to do to solve the puzzle before you’re teleported out of Azkaban.

Anne, Prisoner of Love Quest

Make your way to Jackdaw’s cave to look for the clue he left behind. There’s a door puzzle that you’ll have to solve. Thankfully it’s easy and you just have to pull the door handles in a specific sequence. If you make a mistake, the puzzle resets from scratch.

After exiting the cave, you’ll be greeted by Richard Jackdaw’s ghost himself. And after a brief conversation, you’re done with the Prisoner of Love quest.

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